citybiz+ Constanellis Aerospace Raises $78.9 Million Series A Round

Constanellis Aerospace, a stealth startup reportedly backed by NASA, raised $78.9 million in a Series A funding round from undisclosed investors earlier this week, according to Crunchbase.

The Washington, D.C.-based startup, founded in 2020, has previously raised $32 million in seed funding, in its quest for a Moon mission in 2024.

“Our mission is to support human space exploration efforts to benefit and evolve the human impact on our planet,” the company says on its single-page website, containing no details about its founders, funding sources or specific technologies it is building. “We value innovation and plan to utilize our unique breakthrough technology to advance scientific research.”

The news website BrutalTech said Constanellis is building technology that “enables the distribution of power across the moon, which is essential for the development of lunar infrastructure.

On its website, Constanellis also pledges to maintain a “responsible and sustainable approach” toward use of “in situ resource utilization,” or the use of resources found or manufactured on other astronomical objects such as the Moon and Mars. “We aim to lay the foundational infrastructure for sustained human exploration on the lunar surface, Mars, and worlds beyond our solar system,” the company says.

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Robins Mdoka is listed on registration documents as the founder of Constanellis. On his LinkedIn page, Mdoka describes himself as the founder of a “Washington D.C.-based space infrastructure startup developing commercial space-based power distribution, storage, and management hardware and services, end-to-end small satellite solutions.”

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Mdoka also claims that the startup has experience in information technology, cybersecurity, and cloud technologies, and can “meet the most demanding requirements of the modern-day warfighter.”

In a report earlier this month, BrutalTech called Constanellis a “space infrastructure and intelligence” company. Among other things, it is working to develop “commercial lunar-based power distribution hardware and services, end-to-end small satellite solutions, and become a provider of space-based intelligence gathering solutions,” it said.