Babel Street Acquires Vertical Knowledge

WASHINGTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Babel Street, a leading provider of identity intelligence and risk operations solutions, today announced its acquisition of Vertical Knowledge, a premier data products, insights, and intelligence company. The acquisition significantly expands Babel Street’s data sourcing, enrichment, and analysis capabilities, transforming high-stakes identity and risk operations into a strategic advantage for organizations worldwide. 

“We are thrilled to welcome Vertical Knowledge and its talented team and robust products to Babel Street,” said Michael Southworth, Babel Street CEO. “Together, we can offer our customers and partners unprecedented access to comprehensive, multilingual data assets enhanced by industry-leading natural language processing. This powerful combination of data and technology closes the Risk-Confidence Gap, empowering our customers to operate with greater efficiency, foresight, and security.”

Vertical Knowledge is a well-established and invaluable partner for both commercial and government organizations, offering dynamic platforms and expansive data products that drive informed decision-making. Its solutions unearth critical insights from publicly available information worldwide, providing a decisive edge in complex scenarios.

“Joining forces with Babel Street supercharges our ability to equip customers with the intelligence needed to successfully tackle their most difficult problems,” said Brian O’Keefe, Vertical Knowledge CEO. “Babel Street is the gold standard in identity resolution, risk identification and mitigation capabilities that perfectly complements Vertical Knowledge’s strengths in data collection and contextualization. We could not be more excited to fuse our talents and technologies to accelerate innovation in this space.”

The Babel Street Insights platform, coupled with Babel Street-Rosette Text Analytics, already delivers sophisticated AI and data analytics solutions. These offerings are designed to close the Risk-Confidence Gap with unparalleled analysis-ready data, comprehensive risk identification and entity resolution, and continuous automated insights. The addition of Vertical Knowledge delivers extensive multilingual data sourcing and contextualization capabilities will further enhance Babel Street’s robust solutions.

Customers and partners can look forward to even greater access to vital intelligence, facilitating quicker, more accurate assessments and decisions. The merger amplifies the company’s commitment to delivering top-tier solutions in identity intelligence and risk operations.

About Babel Street

Babel Street is the trusted technology partner for the world’s most advanced identity intelligence and risk operations. The Babel Street Insights platform delivers advanced AI and data analytics solutions to close the Risk-Confidence Gap. Babel Street provides unmatched, analysis-ready data regardless of language, proactive risk identification, 360-degree insights, high-speed automation, and seamless integration into existing systems. We empower government and commercial organizations to transform high-stakes identity and risk operations into a strategic advantage. For more information, visit

About Vertical Knowledge

Vertical Knowledge is a dynamic data products, global insights and intelligence company specializing in helping customers navigate their most complex business challenges. Its experienced team, innovative platforms and exhaustive library of contextualized data assets equip organizations with the intelligence essential for success. Shea and Company has acted as the exclusive financial advisor to Vertical Knowledge and PSG Equity. For more information, visit