Citybiz Interview with Renee Pastor, Founder & Wealth Manager of The Pastor Financial Group

Renée Pastor is Founder & Wealth Manager at The Pastor Financial Group, a comprehensive financial planning and wealth management practice headquartered in New Orleans, Louisiana.  Renée was listed as one of the Top Women Wealth Advisors by Forbes in 2020 and she specializes in retirement planning and 401(k) consulting for families and individuals nationwide.

A financial professional since 1989, Renée has gained the kind of in-depth knowledge that comes from decades of experience guiding her clients through the ups and downs of the economy.With a genuine interest and curiosity about the well-being of her clients and their families, she specializes in helping women adapt to changing life events as well as helping pre-retirees transition into retirement and manage their income for life.

Her goal for clients is to help them achieve the life that they want and to give them that comfort and security in knowing that she is looking out for them. Diligent in her approach, Renée makes sure all aspects of managing your wealth are well tended to – bringing to light the things that you don’t know so they can be adequately addressed.

Interview questions:

Introduction | Please provide an introduction to The Pastor Financial Group – certified financial planners, Assets under Management…

Career | Your career included 13 years at A.G Edwards before moving to Morgan Keegan in 2004 and then 16 years at Raymond James. Tell us about your career and the decision to launch The Pastor Financial Group?

Focus | What is your area of focus? women and pre-retirees.

Team | Who are the other members of the team? Nathaniel Novak and Kelly Andrew.

Growth | What are the growth plans for The Pastor Financial Group?

Charity | One of your non-profit activities includes teaching a financial literacy course at the Metropolitan Center for Women & Children, a shelter for domestic violence victims. Can you tell us your reason for becoming involved and the results of your involvement.

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