Md. Medical Experts Challenged By Public Skepticism of COVID-19 Vaccine

​As pharmaceutical companies race to get a COVID-19 vaccine on the market, Maryland lawmakers and policy experts have found themselves rushing to find ways to motivate the public to go out and get it.

”The challenges are great,” Dr. David Marcozzi, COVID-19 Incident Commander for the University of Maryland Medical System, warned the Joint COVID-19 Legislative Response Workgroup Wednesday.

According to a recent Goucher College poll, 49% of surveyed Marylanders would refuse to be inoculated if an FDA-approved COVID-19 vaccine were made available today.

“Right now, Marylanders are not confident about the COVID-19 vaccine,” Marcozzi told lawmakers. “Since it has not been approved, we do have time [to change people’s minds] — but not much.”