Prologis: A Global Logistics Landlord That Should Be On Everyone’s Christmas List

  • Prologis’ iREIT IQ score of 98 is the second highest in the entire market.
  • It has been propelled for years by the secular trend that frightens REIT investors the most: The shift from physical retail to e-commerce.
  • PLD remains high on our watchlist at iREIT in the event of future share price weakness.
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This article was coproduced with Nicholas Ward.

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic period, we’ve done our best to highlight relatively dangerous dividends for our subscribers. There have been real estate investment trust subsectors we’ve essentially avoided – like theaters – where we’ve placed speculative ratings on every company within.

Then again, we’ve also done our best to highlight safe dividends for our subscribers. We remain quite bullish in certain areas, believing that the pandemic will have little impact on their cash flow prospects moving forward.

The industrial space is one such area that we’ve generally liked.

When we think of it, the first name that comes to mind is Prologis (PLD). It’s not only the highest-quality REIT in the subsector, it’s also one of the highest-quality companies we track in terms of the entire stock market.

That’s why we’re more than happy to write about it today.