Conquer New Lands and Become Victorious in Ancient Battle

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Defeat your enemies in Ancient Battle, a unique battle simulation that combines strategy tactics with hybrid-casual mobile game mechanics. Co-developed with Chinese studio Mandrill VRAncient Battle is a fight between kings in the quest for ultimate victory. Encounter epic troops with special abilities, and assemble your army with the help of powerful allies. Travel through the land to collect unique items and discover rare runes in a fight for your rightful ownership of land. Let the battle begin on iOS and Android.

Ancient Battle is published by Lion Studios, the makers behind hit hyper-casual games Save The Girl, Mr. Bullet, Slap Kings, and Ink Inc. Since March 2018, Lion Studios has helped drive 15 games to #1 in the U.S. App Store’s Top Free chart and driven 90% of its games in the Top 10 in the Apple App Store and Google Play. Over the last year, the studio has launched more than 40 games whilst driving hundreds of millions of downloads.

“We knew we wanted to publish our game with Lion Studios given their success with hyper-casual games and track record with other Chinese developers. We had a great game concept but knew we needed help with UI/UX and product. In addition to testing and user acquisition – Lion Studios proved they were beyond capable in supporting us end-to-end through the entire process,” said Roman Cheng, CEO of Mandrill VR. “Their team was up for the challenge and they really exceeded our expectations.”

Ancient Battle is the first game Lion Studios co-developed with another studio and is the latest example of how Lion Studios continues to evolve and diversify its games and publishing services. In addition to helping mobile game developers reach the top of the charts with its fast, hyper-casual prototyping cycles, Lion Studios has established an in-house design team of game industry veterans from Riot Games, Zynga, Jam City, among others, to create premium gaming experiences. Mandrill VR worked with this team across time zones to reimagine all of the characters, buildings, and particle effects, and paired this with custom sound effects to give the game a fully-immersive, high-quality finish.

With Ancient Battle, Lion Studios is expanding into a new genre of mobile games called “hybrid-casual,” which combines deeper meta systems with intuitive core mechanics. This new genre evolved as developers began to diversify hyper-casual games and shifted their design mindset to appeal to a new segment of players.

“We’re constantly pushing the boundaries, whether it’s crafting new genres or blending elements of hyper-casual and midcore gameplay. Ancient Battle is a testament to our team’s innovative spirit and ability to execute on a project of this scope efficiently,” said Nicholas Le, President of Lion Studios.

Get ready to make your mark on history and begin your road to victory in Ancient Battle!

  • Recruit your army, conquer your opponents, and bolster your brigade towards victory while discovering the graphically beautiful and mystical lands.
  • Collect gold, gems, and cards to strengthen your equipment, fortify your troops, and unlock new spells to help you emerge victorious.
  • Conquer your enemies to reach the top! Global leaderboards show you how you stack up against the competition.
  • Keep things fresh with battle passes, new maps, and more content coming soon.

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