Healthcare Technology & Telemedicine Market Update


  • Telemedicine is at a major inflection point as the traditional healthcare delivery system is upended
  • Healthcare services deemed essential but not immune to downturn
  • Adoption of technology and telehealth solutions are accelerating rapidly
  • Healthcare technology company valuations positioned favorably

The current health crisis and economic shake-up will change the way that we access healthcare.  Although the infrastructure for large scale telemedicine has existed in large part for some time, adoption of the technology has been slow.  That is, until now.  As the New York Times recently noted, telemedicine has come to the forefront with “10 years of change in one week.”

At Meridian Capital, we cover the healthcare IT industry in which telemedicine will be an increasingly important segment. Private equity and strategic buyers are taking note of this fundamental shift in provider, payer, and patient behavior, and business owners and CEOs in the space are facing a critical strategic moment. Those who have a clear strategy for customer acquisition and growth initiatives will likely have access to capital to achieve their goals, as well as opportunities to grow through acquisition.