Citybiz Interview with Sheryl Dennis, Managing Partner at Fields and Dennis

Attorney Sheryl J. Dennis, a founding partner of Fields and Dennis, LLP, has been practicing law for over 25 years. Fields and Dennis, LLP was formed to handle any matter that would come under the jurisdiction of the Probate and Family Court. Initially focusing on complex civil litigation, Ms. Dennis refocused her practice to include estate planning, guardianship, conservatorship, probate and probate and trust litigation. It was at that time that she received her LL.M. in Estate Planning and Elder Law from Western New England School of Law.

As part of the estate planning practice, Ms. Dennis is involved in the formation of Limited Liability Companies, Family Limited Partnerships and business succession planning. Ms. Dennis has utilized family team decision making or family group conferencing which allows family members to have input into business succession planning and to assist in determining who, within the family, is the best fit and has the most interest in continuing on the business.

Ms. Dennis has been quoted in the Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly, spoken before the Boston Bar Association and the Massachusetts Council on Family Mediation and has been listed as a “Super Lawyer” since 2015 and is listed as a Best Lawyer by US News.

Interview questions:

Introduction | Please provide a snapshot of Fields and Dennis today? Practice areas, partners, (offices).

Career | In 2004, you established a partnership with Jonathan Fields. Please summarize your career and the evolution of the law firm.

Milestones | Can you provide an overview of the key milestones and significant cases of the firm?

Why Family Law? | Why did you decide to choose family law as your practice?

Mediation |How often do your cases end up in mediation? What are the primary reasons that couples end up in court? Can they be averted?

Special Needs |What are the key features of setting up a special needs trust?

Covid and Divorce | What impact has Covid had on divorce? your practice?

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