Allison Robinson Honored by Entrepreneur & Chicago Business Journal

Allison Robinson, CEO and founder of The Mom Project, has been honored by Entrepreneur, Inc., and Chicago Business Journal for her unwavering support of women, caregivers, and parents in the workforce, especially during the turbulent times caused by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Robinson, who founded the company in 2016, was named to Entrepreneur’s 100 Powerful Women list, alongside Taraji P. Henson, Padma Lakshmi, and Jameela Jamil. She will also be featured in the November issue of Inc. as part of their 2020 Female Founders 100.

In late September, Robinson was named to Chicago Business Journal’s 2020 Women of Influence.

“These honors reinforce the positive impact of the work we’ve been doing at The Mom Project to support moms, especially through 2020—a year I don’t think any of us had anticipated,” Robinson said. “Being honored really means moms make the list, and for that I am exceptionally excited. We are just getting started, and companies need to hire, retain, support and promote women and moms now more than ever.”

Women are being forced to leave the workforce at an alarming rate due to the strains put on them and their households due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. According to reports, 865,000 women either left the American workforce or stopped looking for work in September. Women of color continue to be hit the hardest with 324,000 Hispanic women making up nearly half of those numbers, while 58,000 Black women left the workforce or stopped looking for work.

To help support and empower women, especially during these trying times, The Mom Project announced its Stronger Together Fund, RALLY and Unity programs, and most recently, RISE, the first initiative from, which will elevate 10,000 women of color over the next three years by providing scholarships to highly sought after technology certificates such as Google and Salesforce that will bolster their earning potential.

While The Mom Project continues to champion moms across the United States, the company itself was honored by Comparably as one of the Best Companies for Perks & Benefits and Best Companies for Work-Life Balance.

About The Mom Project

The Mom Project is the leader in helping businesses attract and retain female talent. With a community of more than 300,000 talented professionals connecting to 2,000+ companies, The Mom Project is committed to building a better workplace by harnessing the oft-overlooked intellectual workplace power of moms. The Chicago-based company was founded in 2016 by Allison Robinson, who serves as CEO, and has raised $36M in funding to date. Serena Williams joined The Mom Project as a Strategic Advisor in early 2020 to further mobilize the mission.