Citybiz Interview with Andrew Rosen and Michael Fisher, President and CEO of Diversified Lifelong Advisors

Andrew Rosen, CFP, CEP, is President of Diversified Lifelong Advisors. In his role as President, he sets the strategic direction for the firm. He writes nationally recognized weekly blog posts regarding finance and investments, has been featured in numerous industry publications, and is also a regular contributor to Kiplinger. Andrew graduated from the University of Delaware where he received his BS in Finance and minor in Economics, and went on to obtain his series 6, 7, and 63 licenses as well as a health insurance license. He has also been recognized as a Five Star Best in Client Satisfaction Wealth Manager in both Philadelphia and Delaware.

Michael Fischer, CFP, is CEO of Diversified Lifelong Advisors. Michael brings over 16 years of financial industry experience to his role as CEO, and strives to enhance the world class services, experiences, and planning solutions Diversified’s clients receive. His industry experience spans numerous areas, including product development, asset allocation, investment analysis, and business management. Michael graduated from the University of Delaware with a BS in Finance and minor in Economics, and went on to obtain his series 7, 24, and 66 licenses as well as property and health insurance licenses.

Interview questions:

Michael Fisher – CEO

Diversified Lifelong Advisors – Today | Please provide a snapshot of Diversified today? How many Certified Financial Planners? Locations, Assets under Management, accounts?

Investment Philosophy | What are the key principles of Diversified’s investment philosophy?

RZ Wealth | In January, Diversified Lifelong Advisors acquired RZ Wealth. Tell us about the acquisition and its impact on Diversified?

Positioning | How is Diversified positioned relative to other financial planners?

Andrew Rosen – President

Career |Tell us about your career and the decision to join Diversified Lifelong Advisors?

The Lifelong Planning Process | Please describe the lifelong planning process?

Post Pandemic Financial Management |What advice are you providing in a post pandemic era?

Happiness and Money Series | You have a vlog series entitled happiness and money. Can you tell us about the series?

Growth | Will the growth plans for Diversified be organic or inorganic?

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About Diversified Lifelong Advisors

Diversified Lifelong Advisors is a wealth management firm located in Wilmington, Delaware. As a firm, they strive to develop customized and comprehensive financial solutions for their clients that keep fulfilment, happiness, and lifestyle at the forefront. They aim to build a strong financial foundation for their clients that aligns with and supports their unique goals. They offer a wide range of services such as asset allocation, tax management, risk management, and more, as well as goal-based, diversified, and tax savvy investment management. Diversified Lifelong Advisors has also been recognized as a Top 300 RIA in the USA by Financial Times Magazine.

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