SAS Appoints Jenn Chase as Chief Marketing Officer

SAS, the global leader in analytics, announced today the appointment of Jenn Chase to the role of Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer.

“Jenn has elevated the role of the marketing function by working closely with her colleagues in Sales, Research and Development, and other areas to focus on the needs of our customers,” said SAS CEO Jim Goodnight. “She is a leader who makes bold, smart choices that pay off immediately. Marketing is a big part of our growth engine, and Jenn recognizes the link between strong marketing strategies and business success.”

Prior to becoming Chief Marketing Officer, Chase served as Senior Vice President and Head of Marketing – a role she took on just weeks before a global pandemic changed the way we live and work. Under her leadership, Marketing focused on finding new ways to help customers navigate their new normal with pandemic-related projects using SAS® Analytics in the fight against COVID.

Chase’s 20-year career at SAS spans both marketing and R&D. Her hands-on experience using SAS technology shaped her belief that carefully curated data, intelligently applied analytics and curious minds drive the best customer experiences. Her vision is to enable and empower her organization to be indispensable to SAS and its customers. This vision led Chase to initiate a marketing transformation in 2020 – a collaborative effort to modernize the structure, approach and skills of the global marketing organization. She also spearheaded the relaunch of the SAS brand in 2021 and the digital-first approach for SAS Global Forum 2020 and 2021.

Chase holds a bachelor’s degree in communications/journalism from St. John Fisher College. She is an avid supporter of diversity, equity and inclusion and serves as the executive sponsor of the SAS Women’s Initiatives Network (WIN) and the SAS Women in Analytics (WIA) Network to promote diversity in analytics. She also founded SAS’ Marketing Associate Program to provide unique opportunities for recent graduates.

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