98 Ventures Promotes Scott Moore to CEO

98 Ventures has announced the promotion of Scott Moore to Chief Executive Officer (CEO). He will be succeeding the founder, Scott Ramsey, who has been in the role since 1998. Ramsey recently shared his desire to transition from his full-time role to Chairman of the Board.

Moore, who most recently served as President, assumes his new role effective immediately. Moore’s promotion marks the first transition to CEO since the founding. In this role, Moore will oversee all co-founded sister companies, including 98 Ventures, UST, UST Select, Equip Fulfillment, and Insight Tech Co.

Regarding his promotion, Moore stated, “My vision is in alignment with our founder. We will build on our solid foundation with our people as the cornerstone. We will embrace a culture of curiosity as we seek to discover unconventional solutions to our industry’s longstanding challenges.”

As a part of this transition, Steve O’Brien has been named President, and Scott Aikenhead has been named Chief Operations Officer (COO), effective immediately.

Steve O’Brien joined the team in 2015 and most recently served as COO. Scott Aikenhead joined the team in 2014 and most recently served as Executive Vice President.

In a statement to the company, Ramsey stated, “I have never failed to give our company all I have to offer… The only thing left for me to do is step aside so that the next generation of leaders throughout the organization have an opportunity to demonstrate what I know you are all capable of.” He continued, “I am forever grateful for all you have given me through the years, never more proud of who we have become and never more eager to see where you take us next.”


98 Ventures is an executive management services company specializing in human resources, accounting, risk management, communications, application development, information technology, recruiting, legal, data analysis, operations support, and training and development. We support multiple companies across various industries including logistics, fulfillment services, and technology.​