Educators Cohort: Advancing Civic Learning from the Classroom to the Cafeteria

Applications are open for middle and high school teachers and administrators to apply for Civic Spirit‘s

The program begins with a Summer Institute the first week of August when we will deep dive into critical issues affecting American history, contemporary society, and civic life through interactive text study of primary sources, speeches, literature, religious texts, poetry, the arts, and more.

The whole program is designed to be restorative and enriching for educators whom we know have had a physically and emotionally exhausting year.

The theme for the year is “E Pluribus Unum: Exploring the Tensions of Unity & Difference”. With dedicated scholars, we will consider how the U.S. has wrestled with these two seemingly mutually exclusive ideas, where the notion of “Out of Many, One” has been promoted, and where it has been challenged.

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About Civic Spirit:

Civic Spirit educates, inspires, and empowers schools across faith traditions to enhance civic belonging, knowledge, and responsibility in their student, faculty, and parent communities. For more information, visit: Civic Spirit – Civic Spirit.