Green Cures & Botanical Distribution Signs Lease for New Retail and Manufacturing Facility

Green Cures & Botanical Distribution, Inc. (OTC: GRCU) a manufacturer, wholesaler and distributor of hemp and CBD-infused nutritional, sports, alcoholic spirits and body care products, announces it has signed a lease for a new facility that will serve as both a retail and manufacturing center for its branded Green Cures products.

The company closed on the facility which is located in the sprawling downtown of San Luis Obispo (“SLO”), California. The downtown area has many bustling boutiques and stores that attract a diverse base of locals, tourists, visitors and students. Green Cures is currently building out the retail end of the facility which will serve as the prototype location and retail operational headquarters for the national roll-out strategy. The company is also obtaining the appropriate licenses for the production of high-end CBD/Hemp beauty, food and beverage products.

Chief Executive Officer, Rich Thomas, stated, “This is a monumental event for Green Cures which will evolve from a company with a few online CBD products to both a brick and mortar retail company with best in class products available for customers, but also a true manufacturing center for our extensive line of hand crafted sanitizers, along with health and beauty products. What makes this location different is our manufacturing facility will be open to the public for all to witness the highest of standards employed in producing our unique and innovative CBD products.”

The company is in the process of hiring a master formulator and product development team specializing in CBD/Hemp products to expand the Company’s current product line. This will open the company up for many new ensuing products that are currently under development.

Thomas concluded, “By opening this location in SLO we will not need to rely on other manufacturers for product development and manufacturing giving us the ultimate control of our brand and products. We will maximize our profit margins and eliminate middle layers of distributions and sell direct to the customer which we’re very excited about.”

About Green Cures & Botanical Distribution, Inc. (OTC PINK: GRCU)

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