Virdee Closes $2M Seed Round

Virdee, a SaaS company serving the lodging and commercial real estate industries, announced the closing of a $2M seed round financing led by a group of strategic investors, including former La Quinta president, Rajiv Trivedi.

In a time of disruptive change and shifting models of customer service and operation, Virdee’s software is leading the industry toward the adoption of contactless, customer-centric interactions. Virdee Concierge reduces cost and boosts profitability for owners and operators, not only in the hotel industry, but also in multifamily, senior living, student housing and medical facilities.

  • Automates front-of-house workflow – Virdee saves staff time and reduces guest friction around the check-in/check-out process. Results from Virdee’s initial group of hotel beta-sites show a significant reduction in average customer check-in times – from over three minutes to under 20 seconds.
  • Elevates the guest experience – By addressing concerns brought about by recent events, Virdee’s innovative suite of products streamlines the check-in experience. Via smartphone or in-lobby device, guests can gain access to a property once they verify their identity and provide a form of payment – either on a self-serve basis or by video chat with a remote agent.
  • Increases margins and boosts profitability – Virdee’s software is built to catch and virtually eliminate fraud and other charge backs – which frequently consume over two percent of revenue for hotel owners. Simultaneously, Virdee’s room upgrade engine has shown a meaningful increase in average daily rate.

Rajiv Trivedi, Virdee, chairman of the board, said: “High operational costs continue to compress margins and erode profitability for owners of hotels and other real estate assets – meanwhile their customers increasingly want contactless modes of interaction. This is the moment for hotels, apartments and other buildings to embrace – and lead – the move toward tech-first interactions. Virdee’s break-through product delivers on a seamless and fully integrated guest experience, and I am excited by the feedback I have received from leading hotel brands and owner/operators.”

Branigan Mulcahy, Virdee founder, said: “Virdee is the only complete solution for frictionless, contactless check-in – capable of serving 100 percent of guests 100 percent of the time, simply and cost-effectively. The solution is quick and easy to setup, and we have already integrated with the leading smart-lock manufacturers, payment processors and property management systems most used by hotel and apartment owners.”

Nadav Cornberg, Virdee founder and chief technologist, said: “By focusing first and foremost on the guest journey, we have built a product that is adaptable to a wide range of guest preferences and technical ability. The seed round enables us to invest in continued product differentiation and to meaningfully expand our sales and marketing efforts.”

About Virdee

Based in Austin, Texas, Virdee is an innovative software company serving the commercial real estate industry. Its API-first approach provides the most comprehensive solution of check-in/out, ID verification, payment collection, and remote support. Virdee helps clients elevate the customer experience, reduce costs and generate ancillary revenue.

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