Regan Capital Launches Total Return Income Fund

Regan Capital, an investment advisor that seeks to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns through fixed income securities, today announced the launch of the Regan Total Return Income Fund, with Regan Capital’s Managing Partner Skyler Weinand serving as lead portfolio manager. The open-end Mutual Fund will seek to provide a high level of risk-adjusted current income and capital appreciation through high-quality, income-producing securities such as Residential Mortgage-Backed Securities and related asset-backed securities.

The Fund builds on Regan Capital’s core focus on value-driven opportunities through residential and asset-backed structured products. Mr. Weinand, who previously served as head of residential and consumer asset-backed trading at Cantor Fitzgerald, has led the Firm since its inception in 2011.

Mr. Weinand stated, “Regan Capital brings nuanced expertise and technical acumen to the structured credit markets, and the launch of our Total Return Income Fund provides investors greater access to the investment philosophy that has been our hallmark over the last nine years. In particular, the Fund’s timely focus on non-agency RMBS aims to capitalize on the lack of yield available to investors in fixed income securities.”

The Fund will aim to invest at least 80% of its net assets in mortgage-backed securities with a bottom-up analysis on collateral characteristics and capital structure to find both deep value investments and trading opportunities. This analysis will be paired with a top-down macro qualitative analysis, which contains but is not limited to key factors, such as economic outlook, interest rates and real estate

  • In addition to Mr. Weinand, the Fund’s Management will include portfolio managers Arup Saha and Chris Hall. Collectively, Messrs. Weinand, Saha and Hall possess, on average, 18 years’ experience trading and managing portfolios of structured products. The Fund will include two by share classes, investor (ticker: RCTRX) and institutional (ticker: RCIRX), with a minimum initial investment of $1,000 and $100,000, respectively. To learn more, please visit

About Regan Capital LLC

Founded in 2011, Regan Capital LLC is a registered investment advisory Firm that provides investment advisory services through Private Funds, Separately Managed Accounts and a Mutual Fund. The Firm, which currently has approximately $600M in assets under management, seeks to apply principles of value investing, active trading, and top-down risk management to overlooked segments of the structured credit universe with particular emphasis on mortgage-backed securities.

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