Citybiz Interview with Mike Kelleher, President of RevUp

From pop-ups to parking lot promotions, Mike Kelleher works with brands to find the best way to tell their story in non-traditional ways from the short-term leasing of in-line space, sponsorships, corporate partnerships, common area leasing, advertising and programing. He has revolutionized Federal Realty’s model for these partnerships by creating a program that brings ideas to market faster than ever before. By using flexibility on rate, a streamlined contract process and collaborative thinking, Kelleher focuses on both enhancing the partner’s brand as well as that of the property to ultimately create excitement for visitors, drive business to tenants and help brands tell their story in a compelling way. Bring him an idea, and often in 24 hours, he can find the right space and create the right program to make it a reality.

Serving both as Vice President – Specialty Leasing, Retail and Office for Federal Realty Investment Trust, and President of RevUp, a subsidiary of Federal Realty, Mike leads a platform geared towards property owners and managers looking to increase their revenue by maximizing non-traditional income generation opportunities. He has partnered with mom & pop start-ups, massive global brands and everything in between to fill unused space with exciting, compelling destination retail.

Mike had almost 20 years of experience in management, sales, and marketing prior to joining Federal Realty. He previously served as Vice President and General Manager with the Rouse Company, and later General Growth Properties, at Faneuil Hall Marketplace, a historic festival marketplace in downtown Boston.

Interview questions:

RevUp | What is RevUp?

Federal Realty Investment Trust | Can you explain the relationship between RevUp and Federal Realty Investment Trust?

Career | Your career included stints at the Rouse Company, and later General Growth Properties. Please provide an overview of your career and the role that you played in setting up RevUp.

RevUp Today | Please provide a snapshot of RevUp today? How many properties, footprint, team members…

Brands | Who are some of the brands that RevUp is working with?

Recent Leases | Please highlight some recent leases?

Post Covid | What role will pop-ups and temporary tenants play in a post Covid world?

Growth | Tell us about the growth plans for RevUp.

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Through its proprietary database and extensive experience, RevUp pairs retail properties with marketers and online retailers looking to reach a brick and mortar audience, as well as national brands looking to promote their products. By identifying partners looking to site pop-ups, seasonal promotions, national launches and temporary brand activations, RevUp creates regional and nationwide campaigns from a single point of contact for a variety of creative activations such as new product displays and sampling, holiday sponsorships, mobile kiosks and traveling promotions and entertainment that will energize the customer experience while enhancing bottom line.

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