AppleSeed Companies Appoints Past Disney as Chairman

AppleSeed Companies, Inc., a Digital Transition Organization, focused on acquiring innovative companies in Digital Transformation and Decentralized Finance, announces the appointment of Allen Weiss, Cofounder and Director, as Chairman of its Board of Directors.

“I am excited to serve as the Chairman of the AppleSeed Companies,” said Allen Weiss, “I believe the team’s combination of corporate and board experience, investment and banking backgrounds, entrepreneurial spirit, technology and innovation expertise provide the AppleSeed Companies with a significant competitive advantage in achieving superior returns through the execution of our acquisition strategy.”

Al Weiss had a 39-year career at Disney. His last position was President of Worldwide Operations for Disney’s $10 Billion+ / 95,000 employee Walt Disney Parks and Resorts business. He holds a background in Global Branding, Customer Satisfaction, International Expansion, Corporate Responsibility, and Public Affairs.

“This represents a significant moment in the history of our firm. I am incredibly grateful to Allen for bringing his vision, purpose and passion to AppleSeed,” comments Max W. Hooper, PhD, CEO and Managing Director, AppleSeed Companies, Inc. “I am eager for what the future holds under Allen’s leadership. His tremendous board experience will be essential in our ability to build our Company.”

“Allen is the perfect complement to our Board of Directors,” adds A.J. Ripin, Chief Strategy Officer and Treasurer. “His Fortune 100 industry experience, combined with his critical role in many mergers and acquisitions, fits perfectly with the big thinking, disruptive mindsets of the other Directors — Dr. Max W. Hooper, CEO and Managing Director, David Metcalf, PhD, Director, and John Lessel, Esq., Director.”

This is not an offer to buy or sell securities.

About AppleSeed Companies, Inc.

AppleSeed Companies, Inc. (“AppleSeed,” the “AppleSeed Companies”) is a digital transition organization helping companies factor digital transformation and decentralized finance into short-and long-term strategic decisions. The company focuses its acquisition strategy on well-vetted technology and innovation ventures with high growth potential, strong management teams, a large addressable market, and unique or proprietary products or services. AppleSeed may also target acquisitions to expand its unique combinations in strategic services.​