The Dairy Alliance Appoints Geri Berdak as Chief Executive Officer

​After a nationwide search, The Dairy Alliance Board of Directors has named Geri Berdak as their new Chief Executive Officer, who started with the organization on September 1, 2020.

“I am grateful for the privilege to work on behalf of the southeast dairy farmers who hold an outstanding work ethic and dedication to providing nutritious dairy products to families, while being stewards of their land and providing the highest quality care for their animals,” said Berdak.

Berdak is known for delivering strategic growth for organizations, consumer packaged goods businesses and ingredient companies in the wellness market. Her previous roles in strategic marketing, new business and product development and research and development were key skills in securing the new position. Her talent in the nutrition, marketing and business fields complements her interest in working to improve people’s lives.

Berdak has a Master of Business Administration from New York Institute of Technology and a Bachelor of Science in Food & Nutrition from Missouri State University.

Growing up in the Midwest and coming from a hog and crop farm family, Berdak is rooted in agriculture. “The dairy industry is one I’ve been passionate about since my first dairy job out of college 30 years ago,” Berdak revealed.

Her professional experience in the dairy industry started with her position as a nutritionist and educator for the St. Louis Dairy Council. She has earned additional experience in the food and beverage industry since then, holding positions as a nutritionist and marketer with Isagenix, Kerry’s, PepsiCo, and serving as Senior VP, Nutrition Strategy and Business Development with the U.S. Dairy Innovation Center at Dairy Management Inc. (DMI) from 2012-2015. Using the knowledge gained from her expansive career, she created the CloverQuest Group, LLC, a consulting group aiding food and beverage businesses in navigating the nutrition wellness environment.

As an avid cyclist, Berdak is looking forward to exploring the roads of the Southeast as she settles into her new role as CEO. She’s excited to be promoting dairy as an essential and sustainable ingredient to life while ensuring a strong return on investment for all dairy programs implemented through The Dairy Alliance.

About The Dairy Alliance

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