Towson Football HC Rob Ambrose: Tigers’ No. 1 Priority Is Staying On Track Academically

Towson head football coach Rob Ambrose says that though his players have been adjusting to virtual classes, there have been struggles in getting used to their new reality.

On March 10, Harvard University announced that the rest of the spring semester would be held online. Shortly after, most universities and schools followed suit and moved the rest of the spring semester online. Since most students had become accustomed to their schedule of going to classes in person, online classes present some challenges.

Ambrose admitted that some of his players are having a hard time adjusting to virtual learning.

“For them to be successful, you have to be scheduled and manage your time well, to have all of that thrown in their face completely and expected to adjust on the fly,” Ambrose said on Glenn Clark Radio April 14. “Now you have virtual learning and distance teaching. Some of these guys have taken online classes before and are like, ‘I don’t want to do that. That’s not how I work. I need to be in a classroom, I need to be with a teacher,’ and they don’t have that option.”