Kuva Systems Raises $8.7M Funding

Kuva Systems, a Cambridge, MA-based company which specializes in camera-based methane emissions monitoring for the oil and gas industry, raised $8.7M in funding.

The amount consisted of approx. $3M (CAD 4,079,895) in federal funding from PrairiesCan through its Business Scale-up and Productivity Program and $5.7M in funding from prior investors.

The company intends to use the funds to expand its marketing, operations and product development initiatives to grow market share of its automated, image-based continuous methane monitoring solution.

Led by Stefan Bokaemper, President and CEO, Kuva Systems simplifies methane mitigation for the oil and gas industry with a proven, image-based continuous monitoring solution that provides clear, irrefutable gas plume images, allowing operators to see, size and solve their emissions challenges.

With offices in Boston, Houston, Midland and Calgary, the company enables scalable methane mitigation with cost-effective root-cause analysis, optimized operations, high quality emissions data and regulatory compliance.