Proximity Learning Acquires Coursemojo’s Virtual Class Business

AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Proximity Learning Inc., an ESS Company and the pioneering provider of synchronous virtual instruction for K-12 education, announced today it will acquire Coursemojo’s virtual learning book of business for the 2024-2025 academic year. Moving forward, Coursemojo will concentrate exclusively on advancing Mojo, its promising, AI-powered assistant teacher, and delivering on the potential of AI-powered tools to foster joyful, inclusive and effective learning experiences for all. 

“Proximity Learning has proudly served more than 500,000 students throughout our history,” said Evan Erdberg, president and founder of Proximity Learning. “We understand the power of surrounding students with a holistic education and know that filling teacher vacancies with certified educators is critical to building a successful learning ecosystem. We are excited to expand our reach to new school districts and superintendents through today’s acquisition.”

Led by industry veterans Dacia Toll, former CEO of Achievement First, and Eric Westendorf, former CEO of LearnZillion, Coursemojo previously partnered with more than 30 school districts across the U.S. to provide virtual learning alternatives and expand course options for high school students. Following the acquisition, school districts will migrate to Proximity Learning’s synchronous virtual learning platform, a solution trusted by hundreds of schools throughout the U.S. Proximity Learning helps school districts fill open positions with certified educators and empowers superintendents to introduce specialty courses for their students.

“In Proximity Learning, we found a partner that matches our passion for innovative education technology and robust customer support—we are confident our school partners will thrive on their platform,” said Dacia Toll, co-founder and co-CEO of Coursemojo. “We are eager to focus our efforts going forward on expanding Mojo’s capabilities as a comprehensive learning companion. We have received very positive feedback on the ability of Mojo to provide differentiated support for both students and teachers, and we are excited to work with our school partners on our curriculum-aligned tools.”

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About Proximity Learning Inc.

Established in 2009, Proximity Learning Inc., an Education Solutions Services company, has pioneered using web conferencing technology to stream certified teachers into a classroom when a teacher could not be found locally. Students are able to see, learn and interact with a teacher “live” each day from within their school classrooms. This PLI model directly addresses the acute and growing teacher shortage crisis plaguing school districts across the U.S. To learn more, visit

About Coursemojo

Coursemojo is a leading ed-tech company that has developed “Mojo,” a curriculum-aligned, AI-powered assistant teacher. Mojo is designed to bridge the gap that exists between the high-quality instructional materials that districts have adopted and the diversity of student needs that exist in classrooms, especially with the learning gaps from the pandemic. With the goal of supporting both teachers and diverse learners, Mojo makes the district’s instructional materials interactive and differentiates instruction to meet the diverse learning needs of all students (MLLs, students with IEPs, advanced students, struggling readers). Mojo replaces typical, static handouts and instead provides targeted, Socratic, one-on-one and small group support (in 50+ languages) aligned to the district curricula in the context of either core class instruction or intervention support. To learn more, visit