Bruno Lacoste Appointed CEO of Titan.ium

LOWELL, Mass., July 09, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Titan.ium Platform today announced promoting Bruno Lacoste to CEO from his previous role as chief operating officer.

Lacoste joined Titan.ium in late 2017 to lead an international technical architect team as part of the company’s growth initiative. He became the head of product management two years ago, and later vice president of maintenance services. At the start of 2024, he was named chief operating officer. He has more than 20 years of experience at telecommunications and software companies including Oracle, Tekelec, and Orange France. Lacoste has an engineering background and degrees, plus a wealth of experience working with customers as a product manager and services point-of-contact.

“We will continue to support our customers’ business-critical needs with technologies and services that lead the industry, such as our recently introduced maintenance and managed services,” said Lacoste. “We’ll maintain our relentless focus on customers and embrace new technology to make life easier for developers and end users, always listening to requirements and conducting thorough market research to identify how and where we can provide the most value. Expertise, flexibility, and customization are in the company DNA; we are eager to take these to the next level to enable our partners and customers success. Internally, we will continue fostering and developing our people’s talents to deliver the best products and customer experiences.”

Tony Garcia, group president, Lumine Group, Titan.ium Platform’s parent company, said: “Talent development is one of Lumine Group’s core pillars. It’s about nurturing growth, while driving breadth and depth in all functional areas. Promoting from within ensures accountability and business continuity. Bruno Lacoste’s journey, from technical architect team manager in 2017 to Titanium CEO in 2024 is a great example.”

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