BPGbio Appoints Dr. Dipanjan Chowdhury to Scientific Advisory Board

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–BPGbio, Inc., a leading biology-first, AI-powered, clinical stage biopharma focused on mitochondrial biology and protein homeostasis, today announced the addition of Dr. Dipanjan Chowdhury, a distinguished cancer researcher, to its Advisory Board. With his extensive expertise in early translational research and a deep understanding of aggressive solid tumors, Dr. Chowdhury will provide valuable guidance to enhance BPGbio’s preclinical and clinical development processes. 

Dr. Dipanjan Chowdhury, an expert in cancer therapy, currently serves as the Chief of the Division of Radiation and Genome Stability at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, and is a Professor of Radiation Oncology at Harvard Medical School. His groundbreaking research on DNA damage repair mechanisms has significantly advanced the field of cancer therapy, earning him numerous accolades and recognition in the scientific community. Leading The Chowdhury Lab at Dana-Farber, Dr. Chowdhury focuses on understanding the mechanisms of DNA repair and how these processes influence cancer development and treatment. His lab has identified key proteins in the DNA damage response and clarified their roles in maintaining genomic stability, which is critical for developing novel cancer therapies to enhance the effectiveness of existing treatments and overcome resistance.

“It’s a privilege to have Dr. Chowdhury join our Scientific Advisory Board,” said Niven R. Narain, Ph.D., Chairman, President and CEO of BPGbio. “BPGbio’s NAi platform generates a vast amount of potential novel targets, including groundbreaking ones in our E2 protein degraders program that aims to identify ways to target pathways long considered undruggable. Dr. Chowdhury’s expertise in translational cancer research related to proteins will be very valuable in helping us perfect our target validation process.”

“The team at BPGbio is at the forefront of advancing medicines on highly aggressive cancer phenotypes through their pioneering work in mitochondrial biology and protein homeostasis,” said Dr. Chowdhury. “I look forward to contributing to the company’s innovative efforts and helping to drive forward BPGbio’s mission of developing breakthrough therapies for patients for unmet needs.”

About BPGbio Inc.

BPGbio is a leading biology-first AI-powered clinical stage biopharma focused on mitochondrial biology and protein homeostasis. The company has a deep pipeline of AI-developed therapeutics spanning oncology, rare disease and neurology, including several in late-stage clinical trials. BPGbio’s novel approach is underpinned by NAi, its proprietary Interrogative Biology Platform, protected by over 400 US and international patents; one of the world’s largest clinically annotated non-governmental biobanks with longitudinal samples; and exclusive access to the most powerful supercomputer in the world. With these tools, BPGbio is redefining how patient biology can be modeled using bespoke Bayesian AI specifically designed for solving large-scale biology challenges. Headquartered in greater Boston, the company is at the forefront of a new era in medicine, combining biology, multi-modal data, and AI to transform the way we understand, diagnose, and treat disease. For more information, visit www.bpgbio.com.