Sensis Research Highlights Hispanic Immigrant Experience

Integrated cross-cultural marketing agency, Sensis, in partnership with Welcome Tech, a technology and services platform that accelerates success for U.S. immigrants, is shedding light on the complex dynamics shaping the experiences of recent Hispanic immigrants in the United States with their latest proprietary research, the New Hispanic Immigrant Report.

In the first installment of its extensive research study, Sensis delves into the adaptation and purchasing habits of recent Hispanic immigrants in the United States. Surveying more than 500 new Hispanic immigrants, who are members of Welcome Tech’s platform, and conducting in-depth interviews, findings focused on comparing survey respondents who immigrated to the U.S. less than two years ago versus those who immigrated in the last decade. Additionally, the report sought to learn how their immigration may further shape the U.S. economy, specifically through purchasing habits and brand preferences.

Though recent Hispanic immigrants find U.S. culture very different from that of their home country, they still view it as welcoming and a culture to which they aspire to belong.

64% of survey respondents said they feel much safer in the U.S. than in their home country. One respondent said, “Everyone respects the crosswalks. They really respect the laws. Like, in my country, if there is a red light: no one cares, no one respects authority. People here have a lot of order.”

Immigrating to the U.S. does come with financial and emotional struggles. The research found that despite cultural diffusion brought about by globalization, learning English is by far the biggest concern for recent immigrants. According to Sensis research, this is true regardless of whether they arrived within the past two years or have been here for two to ten years. “I did not speak English at first. It was one of the hardest challenges. The language has been a big obstacle,” said one respondent.

Other barriers preventing Hispanic immigrants from fully acculturating to the U.S. include immigration status, feeling isolated and lack of resources. One respondent said, “Well on various occasions, what I’ve really wanted is to go back. It’s been really hard to be stable because of the work situation. Thinking of Honduras, there I’m someone and here I’m no one.”

Despite the countless challenges they face, Hispanic immigrants find that the experience is still worth it.

Regarding purchasing habits and brand preferences of new immigrants, the report found that brands should not feel like they need to have had a presence in Latin America to make outreach to Hispanic immigrants in the U.S. Instead, Spanish-language outreach that feels friendly and emphasizes low costs can be highly effective in earning their business. Recent Hispanic immigrants are receptive to new brands in the U.S. Only 23% of survey respondents, no matter the length of time in the U.S., prefer to purchase brands from their home country.

“These findings challenge existing narratives and underscore the realities faced by Hispanic immigrants living in the United States,” said Sensis President José Villa. “It’s crucial to distinguish how new immigrants view the world versus those who arrived in the United States a decade ago to understand the evolving needs of Hispanic immigrants across different stages of their journey.”

So, how are recent Hispanic immigrants adapting to American culture? Despite hurdles in the adaptation process, recent immigrants exhibit a remarkable capacity for resilience and openness to new experiences. While most respondents perceive cultural differences upon immigrating to the U.S., many have found comfort in familiar foods, traditions, and people from their home country. Overall, immigrants find U.S. culture welcoming and aspirational.

Future installment topics and release dates are expected this summer and fall.

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Welcome Tech is a technology and services platform that accelerates success for immigrant households. A For Benefit corporation, Welcome Tech is the world’s first platform dedicated to connecting the 250 million global immigrant community with the information, products, and services they need to thrive in a new country. Welcome Tech is building the future of immigration with an established, trusted and community-first solution tailored to Hispanic immigrants’ comprehensive needs. With over 4 million registered users in 50 markets, the platform combines a breadth of offerings — from healthcare to financial services — with a depth of cultural competency, stemming from co-founders Amir Hemmat and Raul Lomeli Azoubel’s personal experience as children of first generation immigrants, and professional background working with immigrant communities for 20 years. With a dedicated employer subscription (Welcome+) for recruitment and benefits, and a tailored portal (SABEResPODER) built for individuals to achieve their acculturation goals, Welcome Tech is powering the potential of immigrants to strengthen society.

Providing the essential tools to help immigrants acculturate to the U.S. is at the core of Welcome Tech’s mission. The platform combines a breadth of offerings — from healthcare to job search and financial services — with a depth of cultural competency, including English language proficiency tools.