Dighe Technologies Acquire IP Assets of WPC

Dighe Technologies Corp (DTC) has acquired through the US Bankruptcy Court, a substantial portion of intellectual property (IP) of Westinghouse Plasma Corp (WPC). The acquired IP includes all data and records related to the operations of WPC in the form of paper, files, data on hard drives of all computers and servers, including the design drawings for the plasma torches made and sold by WPC, including the industrial Marc-11 torch and other torches, parts vendor list, client and customer list and records, research and development reports and records, production reports and records, service and warranty records, equipment logs, operating guides and manuals, financial and accounting records, creative materials, advertising materials, promotional materials, studies, reports, correspondence and other similar documents and records.

Shyam Dighe, President and CEO of DTC founded WPC in 1999 when he purchased the division from Westinghouse Electric Corp. In 2007, he sold WPC to a Canadian firm. In 2019, WPC was pushed into bankruptcy by its employees.

DTC will continue providing plasma torches and spare parts to both current and new customers, through its subsidiary AquaSource Technologies Corp (ATC). ATC was started in 2011 to provide wastewater treatment service to the shale drilling companies. Principal benefits of the ATC System have been demonstrated in pilot plant operating successfully since April 2017 on the site of one of the largest wastewater recycling operations in south western PA.

In December 2019, ATC was selected as technology provider for Phase I of 60,000 barrels per day produced water treatment plant. The by-products of this plant will be commercial products: water and salt which can be produced at different levels of purity. The revenue from these by-products will subsidize the treatment process allowing for a lower cost to the customer than the “hole-in-the-ground.” “Concurrent to commercialization in the US shale gas regions, this technology will also be deployed for desalination of sea water worldwide,” said Dr. Dighe. “The plasma technology provides a cost-effective method to produce commercial byproducts like industrial grade salts which reduce the cost of drinking water. These byproducts are used by chlor-alkali industry for making fertilizers, plastics, and other commodities.”