Xevant and Ivím Health Announce Strategic Partnership to Introduce Corporate GLP-1 Program, Ivím at Work, to Employees

Xevant, the leading provider of data analytics for healthcare solutions, and Ivím Health, the industry-leading provider of GLP-1 weight loss programs, today announced a strategic partnership between the two companies introducing the first corporate-designed medical weight loss solution, Ivím at Work with Xevant, to the market. Not only will this program offer medical weight loss as a corporate benefit, but it also sets a benchmark for exemplary clinical care and broadened access to GLP-1 medications. Setting a new gold standard for employer health benefit programs, Ivím at Work will significantly reduce employer healthcare costs while optimizing health outcomes for all participating employees through the most advanced clinical approach to obesity care and medical weight management.

Approximately one-third of U.S. employer health plans now offer coverage of GLP-1 drugs for diabetes management and weight loss. However, this coverage typically lacks a comprehensive solution for corporate employees. The Ivím at Work program bridges this gap by offering a holistic solution, incorporating cutting-edge GLP-1 therapies combined with personalized support and resources designed to help employees and members achieve their weight loss goals and adopt healthy lifestyle habits.  The program targets and mitigates health risks early, empowering employers to maximize ROI—and overall workplace well-being—by decreasing the likelihood of chronic conditions that drive up costly insurance claims and costs for employers.

“We are excited to introduce ‘Ivím at Work, a groundbreaking step forward in workplace wellness, in partnership with Xevant,” said Anthony Kantor, CEO of Ivím Health. “This program cultivates our commitment to delivering tailored, impactful health solutions that significantly enhance employee well-being and reduce healthcare costs.”

Ivím Health’s team of board-certified obesity management specialists sets the benchmark for clinical care, serving over 100,000 Americans, ensuring that employees receive gold-standard, personalized treatment, and continuous support. Xevant’s advanced data analytics are integral to this solution, providing data-driven custom solutions for both patients and employers. This partnership will provide the most affordable access to GLP-1 medication programs from the largest network of suppliers for both branded and compound medications. Beyond access to GLP-1 medications, patients receive professional guidance, coaching, education, and around-the-clock support.

Ivím at Work is a game changer for employee health and wellness solutions.  Only Ivím at Work offers employers:

  • Enhanced access to affordable GLP-1 medications, mitigating disruptions in clinical care management and managing GLP-1 drug shortage issues
  • The highest-quality care management and clinical oversight tailored to each unique patient journey
  • A combination of flexible plans and employee cost-share options to suit unique goals and budgets
  • An easy-to-use app providing tracking, nutrition, wearable support, biometrics and education
  • Access to a robust and engaged Ivím weight loss community
  • Greater control over future benefit costs and health outcomes

“Our partnership with Ivím Health brings an unparalleled level of care, cost, control, choice, and corporate wellness solutions to the market,” said Brandon Newman, CEO of Xevant. “By leveraging Xevant’s data analytics and Ivím Health’s clinical expertise, we are confident in delivering a program that sets a new standard in corporate wellness.”

Ivím at Work will be available on August 1st, 2024. To learn more about how to empower your team with personalized weight care solutions, visit www.xevant.com/ivim-at-work or call (888) 774-6610.

About Xevant

Xevant’s revolutionary data analytics platform infuses real-time automation across the entire pharmacy benefits ecosystem driving the lowest net costs and improving overall health. With a focus on customer success and a commitment to innovation, Xevant is the partner businesses of all sizes trust to transform their pharmacy benefit and reporting practices for more proactive, efficient benefit management that delivers results in a fast-changing pharmacy landscape.

About Ivím Health

Ivím Health is the premier provider of GLP-1 weight loss and health and wellness programs that incorporate cutting-edge GLP-1 therapies combined with individualized guidance and resources. Renowned for their commitment to clinical excellence, comprehensive patient care, and a personalized approach, Ivim Health empowers patients to achieve lasting weight loss and embark on a transformative journey towards optimal wellness.