On the Drawing Board for Remington: A Building that Would be All the Colors of the Rainbow

The 7-Eleven convenience store at 211 W. 28th Street in Remington would be replaced by a six-story apartment building that’s all the colors of the rainbow, under a design proposal unveiled this month.

The development site is a triangular parcel bounded by 28th Street, Remington Avenue and Cresmont Avenue. The developers are Seawall and Charm City Buyers. Seawall, which owns the land and leases it to 7-Eleven, has given notice that it plans to replace the convenience store with a mixed-use development after the store’s lease expires around the end of this year. The architect for the replacement project is PI.KL Studio and the landscape architect is Floura Teeter.

Preliminary plans for the proposed replacement building were presented to the Land Use Committee of the Greater Remington Improvement Association (GRIA) on June 5 and to the Baltimore Planning Department’s Urban Design and Architecture Advisory Panel (UDAAP) on June 13.