Q&A with Olivia Dicopoulos & Greg Auerbach, Co-Founders of Fytted

Olivia Dicopoulos, Chief Creative Officer and Co-Founder of Fytted: the Fashion AI Stylist, has a rich background in the entertainment and fashion industries with 20+ years of experience, bringing creative direction, unique features, style and vision to the company.  Greg Auerbach, Co-Founder of Fytted, began his innovative journey in the University of Michigan football recruiting office, where he recognized outdated methods in athletic recruitment. He first developed AllAthlete, an AI-driven measuring tool for athletes, which gained global recognition and facilitated over $50 million in scholarship funds.

Building on their joint successes, Olivia & Greg established Fytted. In today’s Q&A we discuss the innovation driving the cutting-edge app’s use of AI technology to revolutionize the way you shop with precise body measurements and personalized styling recommendations.  The app enhances the online shopping experience while promoting retailer sustainability.

Over $38B was wasted in the processing of apparel returns in 2023, and the team also shares their plans to reduce the time and money consumers and retailers spend on processing returns — making the online shopping experience more beneficial for all parties involved. A portion of all Fytted proceeds go to Remake, a charity that fights for human rights and climate justice in the clothing industry.

Q: As co-founders at Fytted, could you share what each of your unique roles are in the company? 

Greg: In my role at Fytted, I lead our technical development, focusing on advancing our AI and ensuring seamless integration across platforms for a better user experience. I also co-lead product development, where I work to align our technology with user needs and market trends. Additionally, I manage our brand partnerships.

Olivia: In addition to being the Co-Founder, I am the Chief Creative Officer, therefore I spearhead all creative aspects of the app. My responsibilities include curating the app’s aesthetic, developing unique features such as our Celebrity Body Twin, and leading our marketing efforts to implement top-tier brand strategies. With over 20 years of experience in the entertainment and fashion industries, I bring a wealth of expertise to our team. I also closely monitor social media, fashion, and cultural trends to ensure our app stays relevant and engaging.

Q: You have a unique co-founder journey, since you are also engaged to be married this summer. After becoming a couple first, how did you decide to move forward and actually launch a company together? 

Greg: Olivia and I have always found that we work really well together, both personally and professionally. Even before we decided to venture into business together, we were a team in every sense of the word—constantly brainstorming ideas, solving problems, and supporting each other’s ambitions.

The idea for Fytted came from our own experiences and frustrations with online shopping. Like many busy professionals, Olivia found herself ordering multiple sizes of the same garment to ensure that one of the things she ordered would fit, only to return all of the other garments. It wasn’t just inconvenient; it was a cycle of waste that we both wanted to break.

The decision to co-found Fytted was as much about our belief in each other as it was about addressing a gap in the market. We knew that with our combined strengths and shared vision, we could create a solution not just for ourselves, but for millions of others facing the same issues.

Olivia: Completely agree with Greg here. We are both very career focused and driven, and we want the same out of life, and knew combined we could be an unstoppable force whether that was on a pickleball court or in a boardroom. He is truly my partner in crime, and we share similar passions and ideas. Plus if we are always working after hours and on the weekends anyway, it’s more fun to do it together. Greg and I also really believe in Fytted, and see the potential this company has and can’t wait for more people to download and to experience it for themselves. We also compliment each other very nicely in business, where I lack experience in certain areas he makes up for it and vice versa.

Q: Could you tell us more about Fytted, the Fashion AI Stylist?

Greg: Fytted revolutionizes personal style by intimately understanding each shopper through more than 50 real-time body measurements. Our approach involves working closely with some of the top fashion stylists in the industry to tailor our clothing recommendations to your unique body shape and style preferences.

As you interact with our platform—whether by making purchases, expressing likes, or specifying brand preferences—we continuously refine these recommendations to ensure they resonate even more with your personal taste.

We also take into account your seasonal color palette, recommending garments that best suit your natural coloring. Plus, our real-time sizing technology allows you to confidently shop across over 5,000 brands, knowing you’ll find the perfect fit.

Our AI-driven virtual fitting room enhances this experience by offering a photorealistic preview of how each garment looks and fits on you, making online shopping as reliable and rewarding as trying on clothes in store.

We aim to empower you to shop smarter—reducing returns, cutting down on frustration, and ensuring maximum satisfaction with every purchase. We stand behind this promise with the Fytted Guarantee, covering all return shipping and handling costs if an item doesn’t fit.

Q: This seems like a tool that can be incredibly convenient for online shoppers, but could you also share the sustainability impact your technology will have on reducing or eliminating the need for ecommerce returns? 

Greg: Sustainability is at the core of what we do at Fytted. Last year alone, 24% of all online clothing purchases ended up being returned, a process that not only strains logistics but also has a significant environmental cost—each return generates about 4 kg of CO2, equivalent to powering a standard US home for a day. By providing precise sizing and realistic virtual try-ons, we’ve managed to reduce return rates among our users by 40%.

Q: What are your growth plans for the rest of 2024? 

Greg: Our growth plans for Fytted are bold and focused as we move through 2024. We’re actively expanding our network and aim to partner with over 1,500 brands by year-end, enhancing the variety and quality of choices available to our users. We’ve also just launched our Android app and a new web extension, which bridges the gap between mobile and desktop shopping, providing a seamless experience regardless of the platform. These advancements are part of our broader goal to surpass 1 million active users this year. We’re not just scaling in numbers; we’re focused on dramatically improving the online shopping experience. By reducing return rates by more than 50%, we want to set a new standard for customer satisfaction and sustainability in e-commerce. We aim to enhance our AI capabilities to streamline the shopping process even further, moving beyond traditional methods.

Olivia: I’m looking forward to implementing some fun marketing strategies and ads I have up my sleeve for us, and I’m looking forward to expanding into the entertainment industry. As someone who comes from that world, I would love for Fytted to be integrated into castings and fittings for wardrobe departments on film and tv sets. I think this would be an incredibly useful tool for actors/models and costume designers, and I look forward to making that a reality. I also see celebrities using the app to keep their stylists up to date with their most recent measurements allowing stylists to easily pick outfits and for designers to tailor their creations to perfection without someone being in person. Fytted would simplify and streamline this entire process, saving money, time, and resources.

Q: What do you appreciate about being in the LA area as residents and innovative business leaders? 

Greg: Living and leading a business in LA is an experience unlike any other. The city often gets pigeonholed for its Hollywood glamor and influencer culture, but those of us who call it home know that LA is much more complex than it appears on the surface. It’s a melting pot, not only of cultures but also of ideas, making it the perfect breeding ground for innovation and entrepreneurship.

I have had the privilege of getting to know some of the brightest and influential entrepreneurs right here in LA—mentors who have shared their wisdom and tools, helping shape both my personal life and professional career. The diversity of this city fuels a creative energy that’s hard to find elsewhere, fostering an environment where innovative companies are born.

Every day in LA is exciting. It’s like opening a new box of chocolates, you never know what opportunities or challenges you’ll encounter. Above all, LA is where I met my fiancé, adding a personal layer of thankfulness and attachment to this city.

Olivia: LA is one of the top cities for fashion, start-ups, and entertainment and I feel so grateful to live here and constantly be inspired! It is also great to be surrounded by people who are constantly looking to improve their lives, others lives, and their businesses. As someone who was born in New York City you also just can’t beat the weather and the quality of life. When it’s a sunny day and everyone is happy, it’s hard not to feel motivated and optimistic about what you’re working on!