As Industry Is Consumed by Digital & AI, Windermere Doubles Down on the Human Element of Real Estate with New Campaign from PB&

After a tumultuous year, the real estate world continues to grapple with challenges from all sides. New concerns about commissions and a devotion to automation, technology, and efficiencies over agents has led to real estate itself being seriously questioned as a desirable career path. This is why Windemere decided to go against the tide and devote their newest campaign to those very agents, putting them front and center.

Rather than air traditional spots, the family-run industry leader along with Seattle-based agency PB& has developed a branded Wednesday morning segment, “Wednesday Windermere Wisdom,” on iHeart stations in key Windermere markets across their western footprint. The segment allows agents to serve up their wisdom, ideally becoming a magnet for other like-minded agents.

Breaking in June, “Wednesday Windermere Wisdom” is the centerpiece of this new initiative and includes additional branded recruiting spots and will rerun vignettes throughout the week and day parts, supplemented with streaming targeted at prospective agents. Each Windermere agent’s Wisdom piece can be viewed via TikTok and Instagram channels.

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“More than traditional overly corporate testimonials, agents needed to feel they saw themselves as part of our club,” said Julie Dey, chief marketing officer at Windermere Real Estate Services, “so, we’re giving Windermere agents the floor—to share their wisdom about the market, the business of real estate and what it means to be a member, not just an agent, of Windermere. Membership really does have its privileges.”

What’s more, the real estate giant has also developed supplemental content that they refer to as “The Windermere Effect…Explained.” This effort done in tandem with PB& and Vox Media has resulted in an entire “explainer” series about what makes Windermere a best place to work. These explainers will be hosted on

PB& has worked with Windermere for nearly 5 years, helping them grow their brand presence across the western U.S. Previous work has been almost exclusively consumer driven, so this is a shift to internally focused/employee-driven communications. PB& serves as both a creative and media partner.