Solarea Bio Appoints Ilissa Larimore as Chief Commercial Officer

Solarea Bio, a pioneering biotechnology company focused on developing solutions to improve human health by harnessing the edible plant microbiome, announces the appointment of Ilissa Larimore as Chief Commercial Officer (CCO). Ilissa joins Solarea Bio with over 20 years of experience in consumer health, personalized wellness and practitioner engagement to help individuals achieve optimal health.

Starting her early career as a sales representative with Pfizer and Metagenics allowed Ilissa to see firsthand the power of nutritional intervention in aiding the management of chronic inflammatory conditions. This provided the framework for a distinguished 14-year career at Metagenics, where she advanced into various executive roles overseeing commercial operations including sales and marketing.

“We are thrilled to welcome Ilissa Larimore to the Solarea Bio team,” said Dr. Gerardo V. Toledo, CEO and co-founder of Solarea Bio. “Her extensive experience in commercial strategy and her passion for leveraging nutrition and medical foods to improve human health make her an invaluable addition to our leadership team. We are confident that Ilissa will play a key role in driving our commercial success and expanding our impact in the market.”

At Solarea Bio, Ilissa will oversee all commercial activities, driving the strategy for sales, marketing, practitioner partnerships and industry collaborations. She will focus on advancing new products to market utilizing Solarea’s innovative technology platform, with a particular focus on medical foods.

“I am honored and excited to join Solarea Bio at such a pivotal time,” said Ilissa Larimore. “The company’s groundbreaking work to develop novel products based on plant-derived microbes, supported by rigorous clinical development aligns perfectly with my passion for commercializing medical foods that focus on the practitioner-patient relationship to improve health outcomes. I look forward to working with the talented team at Solarea Bio to bring these innovative solutions to market and make a meaningful impact on consumers’ lives.”

Solarea Bio is preparing to enter the commercial stage by launching its Journa™ consumer health brand. At the same time, the company will launch its first product – Bondia™ synbiotic, a new medical food designed to aid in the dietary management of bone loss in menopausal women. Bondia™ represents the first in a series of innovative products aimed at addressing unmet needs in disease management. Additional products, targeting conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, are on the horizon, promising to offer safe and effective solutions for consumers.

About Solarea Bio:

Solarea Bio is a biotechnology company dedicated to harnessing the power of the edible plant microbiome to develop novel health solutions. By leveraging advanced scientific research and a deep understanding of microbial ecosystems, Solarea Bio aims to create innovative products that improve health and well-being. The company’s mission is to unlock the full potential of its technology platform to address some of the most pressing health challenges of our time.

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