Catania Oils Mark Coleman Named Treasurer Of North American Olive Oil Association

Stephen Basile, Chief Revenue Officer of Catania Oils, the Northeast’s leading processor and packager of plant-based oils, today congratulated Mark Coleman on his appointment to the Executive Committee of the North American Olive Oil Association. In this role, Coleman will serve as treasurer for the organization whose primary missions are quality monitoring, education, and promotion of all types of olive oil sold in North America.

“NAOOA is the country’s leading authority on olive oil, and we’re delighted that Mark was elected to serve on its executive committee as treasurer.” He continued, “Mark has led our sales team for nearly three decades and his knowledge of the edible oils industry is reflected in his commitment to quality, authenticity, and exceptional customer service. He will be an excellent addition to NAOOA’s executive team.”

In this role, Coleman will be responsible for collecting membership fees, developing budgets for key initiatives, managing cash flow, and demonstrating a deep understanding of the organization’s bylaws to educate and inform other members on the financial health of the organization.

“Our top priority is to drive olive oil consumption here in the U.S. and I am looking forward to sharing my experience, servant leadership approach and industry knowledge with NAOOA members,” noted Coleman. “It’s a career highlight to be named to the executive committee of such a prestigious industry organization. I am humbled and honored.”

About the North American Olive Oil Association

Established in 1989, The North American Olive Oil Association is a trade association of marketers, packagers, and importers of olive oil in the United States, Canada, and their respective suppliers abroad. The Association strives to foster a better understanding of olive oil and its taste, versatility, and health benefits. For more information, visit and

About Catania Oils

Catania Oils is a privately held fourth generation family business that expanded from its modest roots in the early 1900’s to a multi-million-dollar supplier of quality oils for bulk, retail, food service and private label customers. The 400,000 square-foot operation located in Ayer, Massachusetts is one of the largest indoor bulk oil processing facilities in the country and combines the latest automation technology with efficient processes and warehouse space to ensure a fair price for the high-quality oils it produces. The company’s tagline, Authenticity in Every Drop, is supported by an in-house laboratory that tests the purity of each shipment. For more information visit