Rafi Properties Unveils 190-foot Mural Showcasing the Science and Impact of Climate Change at Somernova

Local artist, Sophy Tuttle, Commissioned to Develop Artistic Representation of Climate tech 

Today, Rafi Properties, Owner and Operator of Somernova, the 7.4 acre innovation campus and community dedicated to helping people and companies iterate and grow faster, unveiled a 190 foot mural by local artist Sophy Tuttle at Somernova. Tuttle’s mural celebrates the work of Somernova’s leading tough tech and climate-tech innovators, including Form EnergyGreentown Labs, and Sublime Systems, who are dedicated to building a more resilient future and changing the world through climate action.

Tuttle is a Boston-based muralist, painter, and installation artist. Her art is widely known for integrating themes of nature and climate resilience and celebrating the interconnectedness of science and art. Her indoor and outdoor murals can be seen from Massachusetts to Colombia, and she has participated in several mural festivals including PangeaSeed’s Sea Walls festival in East Boston (2020 and 2021), Beyond Walls in Lynn, and Worcester Walls.

Tuttle’s mural at Somernova, located on the exterior of Form Energy’s 45,000 SF R&D space, depicts several species threatened by energy extraction including bees, puffins, and the ram’s head lady’s slipper. Tuttle also included species local and native to Massachusetts in her work, such as the sweat bee. The mural’s hexagonal pattern, inspired by Greentown Labs’ logo and Form’s battery technology, represents the essential role Somernova’s tenants play in fighting the harmful ecological effects of energy extraction and in advancing clean energy technology. The mural’s color gradient, which moves from dark to light, symbolizes how climate tech innovators at Somernova are paving the way for a brighter and more resilient future.

Since its inception, Somernova has cultivated a collaborative arts ecosystem that uplifts local artists and inspires creativity. Somernova has commissioned numerous art installations throughout the campus including Hope Shadows by Katherine Chin, which was born out of a collaboration among Somernova, the Somerville Arts Council and Call to Arts, and served as a visual reminder of Somerville’s hope and resilience amid the pandemic Other installations on campus include 650-pound, life-size Dyanna T368, an Astrobot designed and built by Somervilled-based sculptor Skunkdelia. Dyanna was created in 2019 through the welding of repurposed steel and old machine parts, yielding a heroic yet endearing female figure that represents Somernova’s spirit and culture of fearless innovation. Junglenova, a mural installation by Badway Creative at Somernova, is designed to evoke a sense of an urban sanctuary on campus.

“Somernova is a place for people to push the boundaries of what is possible,” said Kristin Phelan, Vice President of Real Estate Development for Rafi Properties, Owner and Operator of Somernova. “The confluence of art and climate technology creates a powerful dialogue, where the beauty of creative expression meets the urgency of scientific innovation, inspiring collective action and fostering a deeper understanding of our planet’s fragility and resilience. Sophy’s mural is an inspirational addition to campus life at Somernova.”

“As an artist, my work aims to bridge the gap between complex scientific topics and the general public,” Tuttle said. “My new mural at Somernova highlights the connectivity between our local ecosystems and the role of innovative, clean technologies that aid in the preservation of biodiversity. I am honored to have my art represent the critical work of leading climate tech and tough tech companies located at Somernova.”

About Sophy Tuttle 

Sophy Tuttle is an English-born American muralist, painter, and installation artist. Her work celebrates nature, reconsiders our position in the web of life, and creates new narratives that explore regenerative, resilient culture-building among all forms of life.

Sophy began painting murals after a residency in Oaxaca, Mexico in 2013, where she learned from local activists and artists. Her indoor and outdoor murals can now be seen from Massachusetts to Colombia and she has participated in several mural festivals including Pangeaseed’s Sea Walls Festival (2020 & 2021) and Worcester Walls (2016 & 2021). Often vibrant and dynamic, these murals are a way to begin conversations within the community about our relationship with nature and the ways in which we both conflict and collaborate with our fellow creatures every day.

About Somernova

Deeply rooted in the neighborhood vibe of Somerville’s Union Square, Somernova is a 7.4-acre campus for innovation and community whose mission is to help entrepreneurs and companies iterate and grow faster. Owned and operated by Rafi Properties, Somernova is home to an eclectic tenant mix including Greentown Labs, The Bouldering Project, Form Energy, The Engine by MIT, Aeronaut Brewing, Sublime Systems, Eden Geopower, Commonwealth Fusion, Tank Design, Tender Foods, De-Ice, Somerville Bike Kitchen, Somerville Media Center, Riverside Community Care, Carolicous, Somerville Chocolate, The Studio for Sculptural Arts, and The Dojo @ Somernova. While their work spans vast industry sectors, our tenants share in their collective commitment to making the world a better place for everyone. For more information, visit somernova.com.

About Rafi Properties

At Rafi Properties, we believe community is the future. As a next-generation real estate development, ownership and investment company, we are dedicated to driving innovation and empowering change through our global development portfolio. Intentionally designed and thoughtfully programmed from ideation to delivery, our properties foster creativity and enrich the communities around them to drive positive transformation. For more information, visit rafiproperties.com.