GENYOUth Appoints Anna Isaacson, Chelsey Antony and David M. Bersoff, Ph.D., to Its Board of Directors

GENYOUth, the national nonprofit organization co-founded by America’s dairy farmers and the National Football League (NFL) to ensure students thrive by living well-nourished and physically active lives, proudly announces the addition of three distinguished professionals to its Board of Directors: Anna Isaacson, Senior Vice President of Social Responsibility at the NFL; Chelsey Antony, Senior Business Counsel at the National Football League Players Association (NFLPA); and David M. Bersoff, Ph.D., Head of Research at Edelman Trust Institute.

“On behalf of GENYOUth and our board members, I am delighted to welcome Anna IsaacsonChelsey Antony, and David Bersoff to our Board. They each bring diverse and uniquely invaluable talents, perspectives, and experiences to help strengthen our impact and ability to further GENYOUth’s mission,” said Ann Marie Krautheim, M.A., R.D., L.D., CEO of GENYOUth. “I look forward to closely collaborating with them as we continue to tackle the many health and wellness challenges facing our nation’s children.”

About the New Board Members

Anna Isaacson, Senior Vice President of Social Responsibility at the NFL, directs the NFL’s social impact and charitable endeavors. She leads the league’s global philanthropic strategy, including the work of the NFL Foundation, and serves as Trustee of the NFL Foundation UK. Isaacson’s longstanding commitment to GENYOUth’s mission of “Fueling Potential. Empowering Play.” has resulted in several successful initiatives and milestones between the NFL Foundation and GENYOUth including support of GENYOUth’s nutrition initiative, End Student Hunger; NFL FLAG-In-School, which has granted over 30,000 school communities with the resources and equipment needed to get 17 million youth active through the game of flag football; and most recently, advancement of GENYOUth’s Youth Insights.

“I am honored to join the Board of Directors of GENYOUth, an organization I have long admired and which the NFL Foundation is proud to call an important partner that is steadfast in its work to empower students and help them build high achieving futures. GENYOUth’s mission to ensure all students are well nourished and physically active to live their best lives is more urgent than ever, and as a mother of two and a committed champion for building societal equity, this is an important mission for me. I look forward to working closely with GENYOUth and my fellow board members to give kids the support, motivation, and tools they need to succeed,” said Isaacson.

“The NFL is committed to GENYOUth’s core mission to promote youth health and wellness,” said NFL Commissioner and GENYOUth Founding Board Member Roger Goodell. “Anna’s many years of experience leading the NFL’s community and philanthropic efforts will go far in advancing our shared goals.”

Chelsey Antony is the Senior Business Counsel at the NFLPA, where she provides legal counsel and business strategy support. Antony’s expertise in legal and organizational matters will be instrumental in advancing GENYOUth’s initiatives and governance.

“As a first-generation child of two immigrant parents who has a deep love of sports, nutrition, and wellness, I recognize that there is nothing more important than ensuring all youth have opportunities to rise, thrive, and achieve their highest goals,” said Antony. “I love the work GENYOUth is doing because it is centered right where it needs to be, in our nation’s schools. It is my privilege to join GENYOUth’s Board of Directors and use my voice and platform to rally and advocate on behalf of our nation’s kids.”

David M. Bersoff, Ph.D. is the Head of Research at the Edelman Trust Institute, where he leads research efforts to understand and enhance trust in institutions globally. Bersoff’s research acumen and insights into trust and credibility will be invaluable assets to GENYOUth’s mission and strategy.

“As a founding member of GENYOUth’s Insights Advisory Council, I have had the privilege over the past seven years of helping to create, shape, and guide GENYOUth’s Insights arm, which has been critical to engaging, elevating, and inspiring change for youth through original research on some of our nation’s greatest health and wellness issues,” said Bersoff. “I am excited and honored to have the opportunity to work even more closely with GENYOUth and the distinguished Board of Directors.”

“Instilling healthy eating and physical activity behaviors among youth is vital to their wellbeing. The work that GENYOUth is doing, in partnership with America’s dairy farmers, is essential in providing schools with the resources needed to combat the growing rates of food insecurity and inactivity among youth. I welcome GENYOUth’s newest board members, Anna IsaacsonChelsey Antony, and David Bersoff, and look forward to working with them and the rest of our board in the coming year to continue making a meaningful difference in the health and wellbeing of children,” said Barbara O’Brien, Chair of the GENYOUth Board, and President & CEO, Dairy Management, Inc.

GENYOUth’s Board of Directors includes chairman Barbara O’Brien, President & CEO, Dairy Management Inc.; Ann Marie Krautheim, M.A., R.D., L.D., CEO, GENYOUth; Roger Goodell, NFL Commissioner; James “JB” Brown, Host of “The NFL Today” on CBS and “Inside The NFL” on SHOWTIME, as well as a CBS News Special Correspondent; Audrey Donahoe, Chair, National Dairy Council; Carla Hall, Chef, Author, and Television Personality; Joe Jordan, President, U.S. and Global Services, Domino’s; Donna S. Martin, EdS, RDN, SNS, Leading School Nutrition Authority and Past President, Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics; Steve Nelson, President, ChenMed; DJ Paoni, Chief Executive Officer, Certinia; Kyle Rudolph, NBC Sports Analyst and Fox Sports Radio; Dr. David Satcher, Emeritus, 16th U.S. Surgeon General; and Dr. Selwyn Vickers, President and CEO, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

About GENYOUth
GENYOUth is a 501c3 national nonprofit dedicated to helping school children thrive by living well-nourished and physically active lives. A catalyst for youth health and wellness, GENYOUth has supported over 77,000 U.S. schools to equip them with the resources needed to ensure millions of children have equitable access to nutrition and physical activity. Founded by America’s dairy farmers and the NFL, GENYOUth convenes a network of private and public partners, including Fortune 100 companies and foundations to ensure all children are nourished and active to be their best selves. With a commitment to end student hunger, GENYOUth provides nutrition grants to increase access to healthy school meals among food insecure students. GENYOUth is the official charitable partner of Taste of the NFL, a purpose-driven Super Bowl culinary experience that raises awareness and generates funds to fight hunger and food insecurity to support the organization’s commitment to end student hunger. To learn more and support GENYOUth visit and follow us on LinkedInFacebookInstagram and Twitter.