Quantum Machines opens the Israeli Quantum Computing Center

Quantum Machines, the leading provider of processor-based quantum controllers, announced the opening of the Israeli Quantum Computing Center, a world-class research facility that will serve the quantum computing industry and academic community in Israel and around the world. The center was built with the financial backing and support of the Israel Innovation Authority and is located at Tel Aviv University.

The IQCC’s grand opening took place yesterday, June 24th, as part of Tel Aviv University’s AI and Cyber Week. The ceremony began with the ribbon-cutting, followed by speeches from Asaf Zamir, First Deputy Mayor of Tel Aviv; Dror Bin, CEO of the Israel Innovation Authority; Prof. Yaron Oz and Prof. Itzik Ben Israel from Tel Aviv University; and Dr. Itamar Sivan, CEO of Quantum Machines. Industry experts, including Eyal Waldman, co-founder and former CEO of Mellanox, Ofir Zamir, Senior Director of AI Solution Architecture at NVIDIA, and Niv Efron, Senior Director of Engineering at Google, also shared their insights.

  • Ron Huldai, Mayor of Tel AvivTel Aviv takes a quantum leap forward with the opening of this new center, solidifying our place among the world’s leading tech hubs. This will be a game-changer for our city’s quantum ecosystem, attracting talent and resources to propel us to the forefront of this revolutionary technology. As a beacon of democratic values, Tel Aviv fosters creativity and excellence, making our one-of-a-kind ecosystem the perfect place for breakthroughs in quantum technology.
  • Asaf Zamir, First Deputy Mayor of Tel AvivTel Aviv is the heart of the Startup Nation, home to a third of Israel’s tech companies. Our city’s ecosystem, first worldwide in converting startups into unicorns, offers unmatched opportunities for quantum tech startups. Just as quantum computers harness complex interactions to produce outsized results, Tel Aviv’s dynamic ecosystem amplifies innovation far beyond its physical size, making it the perfect place for the quantum industry to flourish and ensuring our city’s continued leadership in technological advancements.
  • Dror Bin, CEO of the Israel Innovation Authority: The Israeli Quantum Computing Center marks a significant milestone for our tech sector. It exemplifies the remarkable progress of Israel’s quantum computing ecosystem and will serve as a center of excellence not just locally, but on a global scale. We’re proud to support this initiative that solidifies Israel’s position in the quantum computing race.
  • Prof. Yaron Oz: We’re witnessing the dawn of the second quantum revolution, where we are able to manipulate the fundamental degrees of freedom of quantum mechanics. This opens up a vast field with potential impacts across many disciplines such as medicine, finance, security, and beyond. The IQCC is not just about research and startups; it’s crucial for educating the next generation of quantum scientists and engineers.
  • Dr. Itamar Sivan, co-founder and CEO of Quantum Machines: The Israeli Quantum Computing Center represents more than technological advancement; it’s a testament to our duty to pursue the biggest computing revolution since the invention of the computer itself. By leveraging our excellent talent and global partnerships, we aim to have an impact that goes beyond progress in quantum computing — laying the foundation for Israel’s long-term leadership and sovereignty in this critical field.
  • Ofir Zamir, Senior Director, AI Solution Architecture, NVIDIA: We believe the quantum future is hybrid. The IQCC exemplifies this vision by utilizing the NVIDIA DGX Quantum system – developed in collaboration with Quantum Machines – to integrate CPUs and GPUs with quantum processors. By bridging quantum and classical computing, we’re not just advancing technology, we’re also cultivating an ecosystem where developers can seamlessly work across these paradigms, positioning Israel at the cutting edge of quantum innovation.
  • Niv Efron, Senior Director of Engineering at Google: The Israeli Quantum Computing Center represents a crucial convergence of academia, industry, and innovation. Just as we’ve seen AI tackle previously impossible challenges, quantum computing promises the next exponential leap in problem-solving capabilities. This center could be the cornerstone for groundbreaking collaborations, attracting talent and fostering an ecosystem that positions Israel at the forefront of quantum innovation.

About the IQCC:

In the global race to develop practical quantum computing, access to cutting-edge facilities is crucial. “All of the world’s most advanced quantum computing research facilities are closed or offer very limited access to those outside of their organization. You can’t compete if you need to fly halfway around the world for limited access,” said Dr. Itamar Sivan, CEO and co-founder of Quantum Machines. “When we thought about what would propel quantum computing forward, we realized that building the most advanced facility in terms of interoperability, modularity, and integration with high-performance computing (HPC) and the cloud was the way to go. Our open architecture approach will ensure that the facility can be continuously upgraded and scaled to stay at the cutting edge, making it an accelerator for the entire ecosystem in Israel and internationally.”

The IQCC is a state-of-the-art quantum and HPC center that uniquely integrates the power of quantum and classical computing resources. It is the first in the world to house multiple co-located quantum computers of different qubit types, all utilizing the NVIDIA DGX Quantum system. This offers on-premises supercomputing resources and cloud accessibility, while being tightly integrated with Quantum Machines’ processor-based OPX control system. The center also features the world’s best-equipped testbed for developing new quantum computing technologies.

The unified DGX Quantum system for integrated quantum supercomputing was co-developed by NVIDIA and Quantum Machines. DGX Quantum implements NVIDIA CUDA-Q, an open-source software platform for integrated quantum-classical computing. The system features a supercomputing cluster headlined by NVIDIA Grace Hopper superchips and also including NVIDIA DGX H100, all connected to AWS cloud platforms for remote access and to leverage additional cloud computing resources. The center also utilizes QM’s new OPX1000 controller, designed to enable scaling to 1,000+ qubits.

“The tight integration of quantum computers with AI supercomputers is essential to the development of useful quantum computing,” said Tim Costa, Director of Quantum and HPC at NVIDIA. “This work with Quantum Machines to enable a flagship deployment of NVIDIA DGX Quantum in the IQCC offers researchers the platform they need to grow quantum computing into the era of large-scale, useful applications”

“Before the IQCC, a developer of a quantum processor chip would need to build their own testing setup, costing millions,” said Dr. Yonatan Cohen, CTO and co-founder of Quantum Machines. “Now, researchers can plug their chip into our testbed and benefit from the most advanced setup in the world, leveraging NVIDIA and Quantum Machines hardware to accelerate their development process and reduce costs significantly.”

The IQCC is open to researchers and developers of quantum computers from around the world. By providing an open, cutting-edge platform for research and development, Quantum Machines aims to accelerate the progress of practical quantum computing and foster collaborative projects with industry leaders that will drive the field forward. The center is poised to become a destination for companies and researchers worldwide, securing Israel’s quantum independence and cementing its position as a leader in the quantum computing revolution.

For more information about the IQCC please visit https://i-qcc.com/.