Big Fish: Boyd K. Rutherford and Life After Lieutenant Governor

After serving two terms as Maryland’s lieutenant governor and as a loyal partner to Larry Hogan, Boyd K. Rutherford is on break from public service – and is using his legal and business expertise to help companies navigate government contracting as a partner with the Columbia-based firm of Davis, Agnor, Rappaport and Skalny.

He previously served as an associate administrator in the General Services Administration under President George W. Bush, as Department of General Services Secretary in Annapolis, and as Assistant Secretary for the U.S. Department of Agriculture. But now, with no Republican in the White House or the State House, Rutherford, 67, has no agencies to run, and no government problems to solve.

But he is still in touch with Hogan, and is supportive of the former governor’s campaign for Senate. Rutherford and Hogan are aligned on their views of on Donald Trump, and Rutherford gives  gives good marks to some of the early moves of the Moore-Miller administration. He spoke with Baltimore Fishbowl recently about these issues and more, in a conversation below that has been edited for length and clarity.