Amare Global Appoints Asma Ishaq as Chief Executive Officer

Amare Global, The Mental Wellness Company today, announced the appointment of Asma Ishaq as Chief Executive Officer. Ishaq brings an established track record of high-performing executive leadership experience to the leading mental wellness brand, in addition to a background in raw materials, product development, supply chain, omnichannel marketing, and global operations.

“Asma is a high-achieving leader and visionary innovator. Her entrepreneurial spirit and reputable team-building skills closely align with my vision to transform the growing mental wellness category,” says Amare Global Owner and Chairman David C. Chung. Chung acquired the company in December 2023, which offers efficacious products that target the gut-brain axis (GBX) to create a healthy microbiome that helps to support mental wellness and a balanced lifestyle.

Chief Executive Officer Asma Ishaq says, “I am honored to join Amare as CEO. Partnering with David Chung Enterprises provides the ultimate vertically integrated platform to establish our brand as the standard and leader in the mental wellness movement. The company’s commitment to mental wellness aligns perfectly with my vision and values. I built my reputation on servant and heart-centered leadership, and I will continue to make these a practice in this new role.”

Prior to establishing her own company, Ishaq began her career in finance and capital investment. Building upon that experience, and using her background in research and development and raw ingredient supply, Ishaq pioneered patented health, wellness, and beauty technologies that dominated the dietary supplement market. After a successful acquisition by a direct selling company, Ishaq was entrusted to lead global operations, strategically guiding it to uncharted revenue, growth, and profitability. In addition, Ishaq was recognized by JP Morgan Chase for leading the #1 fastest-growing women-led company.

“With Asma’s expertise and proven leadership style, we will optimize our growth potential by bringing Amare’s unique offerings to a wider global audience,” added Chung.

With more than 20 years of executive experience, her work has also earned recognition and awards from organizations such as NutraIngredients, SupplySide West, New Hope, and the DSA. Ishaq earned her BA from the University of California, Berkeley, and an MBA from Rice University with a dual concentration in finance and marketing. She is also a recipient of Rice University’s Alumni Industry Excellence Award in Entrepreneurship.

As Amare’s Chief Executive Officer, Ishaq will build dynamic teams across the world, drive brand awareness and product growth, and elevate the client experience to execute the company’s global strategy and deliver continuous value for the consumer. “After seeing David’s plans for the future of Amare, I realized this was an opportunity of a lifetime to create the most successful and impactful company in the health and wellness industry, and I could not pass it up. I am so proud to be a part of the Amare team,” added Ishaq.

About Amare Global:

Amare Global® is the category leader in mental wellness solutions, founded on the principles of holistic mental wellness. Amare defines its vision through the alignment of the Five Pillars of Mental Wellness, including Emotional, Physical, Environmental, Financial, and Purposeful Wellness. Recognized as The Mental Wellness Company®, its unique approach addresses the full spectrum of wellness through innovative products informed by the powerful relationship of the gut microbiome and the gut-brain axis (GBX), along with other clinically studied ingredients and blends. With award-winning patented formulations and a dedication to quality, Amare Global delivers transformative solutions that foster love, also known as “amare” in Latin.