AFN’s Real Estate Network Hosts Events to Promote the Spirit of Giving Back

Launched in 2023, the real estate industry came together to participate in American Friends of NATAL‘s Real Estate Network, a coalition of professionals and philanthropic leaders. This dynamic platform is dedicated to fostering meaningful business relationships while amplifying industry-wide philanthropy and the groundbreaking work at Israel’s NATAL in treating trauma and PTSD. Through a series of curated events and exclusive opportunities, AFN’s Real Estate Network enhances professional connections and promotes the spirit of giving back to the next generation of professionals in commercial and residential real estate.

Real Estate Leaders Unite to Support Trauma and Resiliency Efforts in Israel and Beyond

American Friends of NATAL (AFN) is a dedicated organization committed to supporting NATAL: Israel Trauma and Resiliency Center. As an internationally recognized and award-winning non-profit organization, NATAL has been providing essential mental health support  to over 500,000 individuals since 1998, helping them cope with traumatic events and everyday stress. NATAL’s services extend to veterans, law enforcement personnel, educators, first responders, community and business leaders, families, and faith leaders, resulting in healthier societies and improved community and workforce performance. AFN plays a crucial role in sustaining and enhancing NATAL’s impactful work by raising funds and awareness which enable NATAL to offer all Israelis, at no cost, critical mental health services such as a 24/7 Helpline, Individual, Family or Group Therapy, Career Development Programs, Community Resiliency Programs and more. 

AFN’s Outreach Unit delivers resiliency programming to thousands across Israel annually. Through innovative collaborations with U.S. organizations, AFN also brings NATAL’s expertise in trauma preparedness and recovery to benefit American communities. Notably, the real estate industry has come together under the banner of AFN’s Real Estate Network to support this vital cause, leveraging their resources and influence to empower future leaders while contributing to NATAL’s lifesaving mission.

Providing Perspective with Ran Eliasaf, Northwind Group and Board Member

In a recent interview on “Get Down to Business with Shalom Klein,” Ran Eliasaf, Founder and Managing Partner of Northwind Group and AFN Board Member, shared his thoughts on the importance of philanthropy in the real estate industry. Eliasaf, who served for six years as a captain in the Israeli navy, witnessed the effects of trauma firsthand during his service and within his family. Upon being introduced to NATAL’s head psychologist, a close friend of his father from the squadron, he immediately felt a connection. Eliasaf emphasized that NATAL is apolitical and assists anyone in need, as trauma does not discriminate based on background.

When asked about the benefits of strategic philanthropy for business and the greater community, Eliasaf explained that his involvement is not about advancing his business. Instead, it fulfills a different part of his soul, bringing satisfaction and gratitude on another level. Initially, when he spoke with Jude Yovel Recanati, NATAL’s co-Founder and Chairperson, she invited him to get involved, but he was hesitant, believing philanthropy was for later in life. Recanati encouraged him to start small. Today, Eliasaf dedicates a significant amount of time to the organization, emphasizing that philanthropy is not solely about financial contributions. He believes young professionals can make a difference by giving their time and attention, demonstrating that one doesn’t need to be a billionaire to be a philanthropist.

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