Robert Anderson Interviews Sarah Galperin, Realtor

A proud New York City native, Sarah earned her undergraduate degree from NYU in Political Science. Fresh out of college, she enjoyed a successful career in the fashion and advertising industry and moved to Los Angeles to create a photography studio, working on several well-known campaigns such as DKNY, GAP, and Smart Water. After over 15 years in fashion and photography, she then transitioned to the healthcare industry, where she leads a team of over 50 and collaborates with C-suite executives and physicians to bring innovative and top-notch care to the L.A. market. The pandemic prompted her family’s move to South Florida, where she then pursued her passion in real estate.

Combining her educational background with her extensive professional experience, Sarah provides first-class service and is dedicated to her clients. A mother of four children and a successful business entrepreneur, Sarah is an expert in multitasking and knows how to get the job done. Her extensive knowledge of the market, 24/7 accessibility, and “going above and beyond” mentality are what make her stand out, as she brings the utmost professionalism to every transaction.

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Interview Questions

Q1. How has your diverse professional background in fashion, advertising, healthcare, and entrepreneurship shaped your approach to real estate?

Q2. What inspired you to pursue a career in real estate after your experiences in other industries?

Q3. How do you utilize your extensive knowledge of the market to benefit your clients in their real estate transactions?

Q4. Can you share an example of a challenging situation you faced in a real estate transaction and how you successfully resolved it?

Q5. As a mother of four children, how do you balance your personal life with the demands of your real estate career?

Q6. What strategies do you employ to ensure exceptional customer service and satisfaction for your clients throughout the buying or selling process?

Q7. How do you stay updated on the latest trends and developments in the real estate market to provide valuable insights to your clients?

Q8. Can you describe a time when you went above and beyond for a client, demonstrating your dedication and commitment to their needs?

Q9. Can you share specific examples of how relocating to your current location has had a profound impact on your life, leading to positive changes that you wouldn’t have experienced if you had stayed in your previous environment?

Q10. In what ways do you believe the decision to move has empowered you to embrace new opportunities and take risks that have ultimately enriched your life, contrasting with the limitations of remaining in the comfort of your familiar surroundings in LA?

Robert is Managing Broker and Owner of Tortoise Realty Group, a commercial real estate brokerage he co-founded in West Palm Beach, Florida. Since moving into the commercial real estate sector in 2021, he has closed over $45 million in transactions, encompassing land, office and multifamily properties.

His experience as co-founder of a 45+ member technology and research agency, Robert understands the challenges of growing an organization and how critical commercial real estate is to its success. Leveraging his vast network in both the business and nonprofit communities, Robert’s ability to adapt and create opportunities where none exist enables him to provide unparalleled value to his clients and partners.

Robert has empowered corporations, nonprofits, healthcare, and fitness companies with innovative and engaging technology, launching digital products worldwide with international and local powerhouses including JPMorgan Chase, NIKE, New Balance, NBC Universal, Major League Baseball, Bank of America, Office Depot, Florida Crystals, Tenet Healthcare, Baptist Health, Palm Beach Atlantic University, United Way of PBC, Palm Health Foundation, Quantum Foundation and others.

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