citybiz+ Real-time Data Analytics Startup Tinybird Closes $30M Series B Led by London-based Balderton Capital

Tinybird, a New York-based startup with origins in Spain, raised $30 million in a Series B round led by London-based venture firm Balderton Capital.

California’s CRV, London-based Crane Venture Partners and Paris-headquartered Singular are among Tinybird’s investors. Datadog executive Amit Agarwal and Vercel CEO Guillermo Rauch participated in its Series A round in 2022. Co-founded by the Spanish quintet of Javier Santana, Javier Álvarez Medina, Jorge Gómez Sancha, Raul Ochoa and Sergio Álvarez-Leiva, Tinybird has raised $70 million so far.

‘Customer Love’

In a blog post announcing the Series B closing, Tinybird CEO Sancha said the “latest investment marks another significant milestone in our journey to simplify real-time user-facing analytics for data and engineering teams worldwide.”

Balderton Capital partner Colin Daymond Hanna said Tinybird combines the “world’s most powerful data technologies, abstracts away their complexity, and speeds up data teams.” He also cited an “intense customer love” for Tinybird, while praising its talented and experienced team.

Sancha, the youngest of seven siblings, is a Netscape-era engineer. He previously worked at location intelligence company Carto, and also co-founded BeBanjo, a video-on-demand company that was later acquired by the TDF group.

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Speed Is of The Essence
According to Sancha, Tinybird set out with the mission of enabling “any developer to build massively scalable real-time data products with the tools they already use every day,” such as SQL and APIs. Today, he says, customers have been “blown away by the fast uptake and transformative power of real-time data,” as Tinybird helps them reduce query latencies from seconds to milliseconds.

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In a highly touted case study, design firm Canva said Tinybird helped it attain speeds five times higher, while reducing costs 10-fold. Another real-time data firm, Confluent, discovered that its systems performed even better when used with Tinybird.

“With Confluent and Tinybird, users can quickly build analytical data products over Kafka streams,” said Confluent CEO Jay Kreps.