Van Metre Companies Announces Strategic Leadership Appointments

Van Metre Companies, a leader in real estate development and property management, is pleased to announce the promotion of new Chief Operating Officers and Group Presidents, signaling a strategic restructuring aimed at fostering growth and enhancing operational excellence. This move aligns with Van Metre’s commitment to innovation and its focus on expanding its market presence while continuing to deliver outstanding value and service.

Van Metre has appointed Mike Barrett as COO of Investment Properties, Brian Davidson as COO of New Homes, Manufacturing, and Van Metre Land, and Julie van der Vate as COO of Finance and Strategic Growth. Each of these leaders has demonstrated exceptional ability to lead and innovate within the company, and their promotions reflect their contributions to Van Metre’s success.

Additionally, the company celebrates the promotions of:

  • Kevin Campbell to Group President of Van Metre Land
  • Mike Dunleavy to Chief Financial Officer and Group President of Finance
  • Kevin Rabil to Group President of New Homes and Manufacturing
  • Glen Skutnik to Group President of Investment Properties

Together with existing Group Presidents Roy Barnett, Group President of Land Acquisition, Planning, and Development, and Juan Estrada, Group President of Legal and Inspector General, they will play pivotal roles as Van Metre continues to enhance its operational capabilities and expand its market reach.

A Focus on Strategic Advancements and Operational Excellence

Reflecting on a year of significant achievements despite challenging market conditions, Van Metre has not only excelled in its homebuilding division but has also seen its investment properties outperform the broader industry. The company’s apartment units have secured favorable rent adjustments, underscoring the strength of its operational strategies.

Looking forward, Van Metre is poised to seize new opportunities through expanded land acquisitions, enhanced manufacturing capabilities, and strategic management of investment properties. The company is also exploring partnerships that align with the Van Metre culture, aiming to amplify its impact while maintaining the integrity of its brand.

Commitment to People and Culture

“At Van Metre, we believe that our people are the foundation of our success. The best team we have ever had is now leading us into a future filled with promise and opportunity,” said Rick Rabil, President and CEO of Van Metre. “We are grateful to our entire team for their dedication and hard work. Together, we will continue to build on our legacy of excellence and innovation.”

Van Metre invites all stakeholders to reach out and congratulate the new leaders, whose roles will be essential in driving the company’s growth and success in the coming years.

About Van Metre

Founded in 1955, Van Metre is a premier developer and manager of residential and commercial real estate in the Greater Washington area. From its beginnings in homebuilding, Van Metre has expanded its portfolio to include the construction and management of apartments, leasing of commercial buildings, and development of condominiums, townhomes, and single family homes. Committed to building a lasting legacy, Van Metre continues to make significant contributions to communities and to the real estate industry through its innovative practices and strong customer focus.