Norwottuck Network Announces Northampton to Boston Cross State Bike Tour

Chairman of the Norwottuck Network, Craig Della Penna, announces the first test run for what could become an annual cross-state bike tour of the Mass Central Rail Trail (MCRT) to take place in September of this year.

The ride will go through 26 Massachusetts communities and will have stops in Ware and Hudson.

Della Penna explains, “It will be a 120± mile ride from Northampton to Boston and only a dozen or so Trail Ambassadors will be on this initial exploration for a multi-day event. We may also be able to accommodate a few day riders on each of the 3-day sections. Each day we’ll be having rest stops, an outdoor lunch, and an evening dinner event.. At each of the stops and events,  we’ll be meeting with local leaders who are eager to get the Rail Trail finished.”

For more information about the ride, contact:

The Mass Central Rail Trail follows an old railroad corridor from Boston to Northampton, traveling through small towns, rural landscapes, next to free-flowing rivers and wide-open fields.  Currently, 60% of this corridor is complete as safe, pleasant off-road trails – enough to begin developing cross-state cycling tourism.

A recent study demonstrated that a completed Mass Central Rail Trail could bring upwards of $200 million in new revenue, help thousands of residents become more active and healthier, and revitalize Gateway cities and towns.  Completed trails like this in NY and PA have been highly successful in developing tourism, economic growth, and promoting individual health. The 2024 exploratory Tour will highlight this opportunity for both participants and the communities along the trail.

About Norwottuck Network: The Norwottuck Network is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation that supports the build-out and operation of the Mass Central Rail Trail (MCRT), the longest rail trail in New England. For local groups and communities, we offer small project grants along the corridor, such as restoration of historic mile-markers and informational kiosks inviting trail users to explore Massachusetts’s long, storied railroad and industrial past. Additionally, we support small, quick, targeted feasibility studies for future connections along our rail-to-trail linear corridor parks.