Gracia AI Raises $1.2M Seed Funding

Gracia AI, a Wilmington, Delaware, USA — based AI-powered technology designed for professional creators and media companies to create photorealistic volumetric videos for Spatial Computing, raised $1.2m in seed funding.

Backers included The Venture Reality Fund, Triptyq Capital,  LVL1 Group, and Future Fund.

The company intends to use the funds to strengthen the team and support the launch of its platform.

Led by Andrey Volodin and Georgii Vysotskii, Gracia AI combines the viewing capabilities of platforms like YouTube with the interactive and creative potentials of Spatial Computing. The startup develops volumetric videos using its own AI model training pipeline. It enables on-device real-time VR rendering with natural parallax effects, ensuring the precise transfer of events from the real world to the digital realm. Gracia AI also provides full flexibility of camera positioning in post-production, enabling the delivery of camera 2D flythroughs and immersive repeats extracted from initially processed volumetric video. The AI technology integrates into various industries, including sports, entertainment, art, and fashion, with content that could be published on Gracia AI or delivered through an SDK on a partner’s platform.

Currently functioning on all major Virtual Reality headsets, Gracia AI has already been tested by over 1,000 users and will soon be accessible on both desktop, mobile devices and the Apple Vision Pro.

The team includes 15 top developers and designers, as well as a marketing advisor from Spotify.