Everlane Equity Partners Invest in Carey & Co.

Everlane Equity Partners is proud to announce a platform investment in Carey & Co., a leading professional services provider dedicated to the nonprofit sector. With the support of a financial partner, Carey & Co. intends to add service offerings and significantly scale operations, bolstering their ongoing commitment to delivering exceptional outcomes for their clients and the communities they serve.

Headquartered in New York, New York, Carey & Co. offers nonprofit organizations unparalleled outsourced financial leadership, management, and operations support, delivered by a team of seasoned experts. Over the past year, Carey & Co. has strategically expanded its services to include human resources and executive management, laying a solid foundation for robust growth. “This transformative investment by Everlane allows us to make even bolder promises to our clients by providing the financial resources necessary to accelerate expansion and enhance service delivery.” said Travis Carey, Founder and CEO of Carey & Co. “Most importantly, they share our vision and commitment to the sector, and take a hands-off approach to daily operations while providing the financial and operational support we sought to augment our organic growth.” Christy Hamilton, Carey & Co.’s Chief Operating Officer, added, “our clients are often balancing the impossible tasks of maximizing impact while minimizing overhead.  We’re building a one-stop solution where clients will have access to fractional, interim, and ongoing support across a breadth of service areas from dedicated experts who understand the unique nature of nonprofits.”

This investment marks Everlane’s entrance into the nonprofit services sector. “Nonprofits and other players in the impact economy constantly take on the balance of optimizing funding and resourcing, while ensuring the efficacy of program missions and their long-term sustainability. We felt it was critical to partner with an outsourced service provider with a long tenure of specifically supporting the needs of the nonprofit community like Carey & Co has done for over a decade,” said Evan Horton, Managing Director of Everlane. “The leadership team at Carey & Co. has a vision of bringing together best-in-class service providers to build a comprehensive solution for nonprofit clients, and we look forward to helping make that vision a reality.”

About Carey & Co.

Carey & Co. provides exceptional outsourced financial and operational leadership and services to nonprofit organizations around the country. Organization leaders and fiduciaries have increased needs for complex financial management, executive leadership, and human resources expertise to support decision making, monitoring, and long-term planning. Carey & Co was created to meet this need by offering a cost-effective alternative to full-time salaried staff at all levels.

With over 70 team members and hundreds of clients, Carey & Co. has visibility across the entire nonprofit sector and brings that knowledge and expertise to every client engagement. From financial management and accounting to governance and compliance, and from interim leadership to people and strategy needs, Carey & Co. works side-by-side with nonprofits as they meet their missions.

About Everlane Equity Partners

Everlane Equity Partners is a leading private equity firm that specializes in strategic investments in small and middle-market companies. Everlane uses its fully committed capital base and experience investing in small and middle market companies to accelerate value creation alongside management teams that have meaningful go-forward financial participation in their businesses. Everlane is flexible in its approach, structuring both majority and minority partnerships across service industries such as business, consumer, financial, healthcare, industrial, and IT services.