Agora Acquires Clearshift’s Real Estate Division

Agora, a leading innovator in real estate investment management solutions, announced today its strategic acquisition of Clearshift’s real estate division. This move underscores Agora’s commitment to revolutionizing the investment management landscape and streamlining cross-border payments between GPs and LPs for globally operating real estate firms.

“We are thrilled to welcome Clearshift into the Agora family,” said Bar Mor, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Agora. “This acquisition marks a significant milestone in our mission to provide unparalleled investment management solutions. By integrating Clearshift’s robust capabilities, we enhance our platform to deliver greater value: streamlined and cost-effective international payments. This partnership positions us to set a new standard in the industry, driving efficiency and growth for real estate investment operations globally.”

Clearshift is a global financial technology company that redefines international payments with innovative solutions and transparent processes that are revolutionary to the foreign currency payments market. Following the acquisition, Clearshift will continue to handle all payment execution and compliance functions, ensuring uninterrupted service and maintaining its role as the engine behind every transaction.

Integrating Clearshift’s real estate division into the Agora platform will provide existing clients with a seamless transition and enhanced capabilities. Agora will become the primary client-facing interface, offering powerful, user-friendly investment management tools. For those not already using Clearshift, the integration offers Agora’s clients a transparent solution to foreign exchange activity uniquely suited for fund managers, facilitating seamless distributions and contributions in any currency worldwide and streamlining international payments.

“This significant acquisition was a natural fit due to the substantial customer overlap between Agora and Clearshift, and Agora’s mission to provide the best solutions to our customers,” stated Bar Mor. “This partnership signifies a new era of innovation and growth, and we are excited to showcase the synergies between our platforms. It also marks the first of many acquisitions to come as we continue to expand and enhance our capabilities in the real estate investment industry.”

Clearshift CEO Ari Dobner added that “After years of refining our fund manager payment solution, it became clear to us that our clients would truly benefit from a full investor management solution with seamless payment integration. Agora’s cutting-edge product and talented team are exactly what we were looking for.”

Agora’s success story is a testament to its unwavering commitment to excellence and ability to adapt to changing market conditions. Agora’s recent Series B funding round underscores its growth trajectory and dedication to providing cutting-edge solutions in a competitive market. With the addition of the acquisition of Clearshift’s real estate division, Agora is poised to continue its impressive expansion, continuing to redefine the real estate investment management landscape.

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About Agora:
Agora is a comprehensive software solution that utilizes technology, automation, and real estate expertise to streamline investment management. Based in NYC and Tel Aviv, Agora is a fintech/SaaS company dedicated to helping real estate firms raise and preserve capital. By automating back-office processes, enhancing investor satisfaction, and offering advanced operational tools, Agora empowers clients to optimize efficiency. Trusted by top real estate firms like Decron Properties, Beachwold, and Electra America, Agora is revolutionizing the industry. Learn more at

About Clearshift:
Clearshift ( redefines currency exchange pricing, offering an innovative and transparent pricing model for currency conversions that is transforming large cross-border payments. Generating tangible value to customers and the market as a whole, the company leverages strong technology and payment expertise to enable global delivery of safe, simple payment services. Clearshift earned its leading position in the industry with its team of committed financial professionals, fair pricing standards and superb technology and service. Contact us here.