Redwood Logistics Revolutionizes Do It Best’s Transportation With Cutting-Edge Technology Solutions

Redwood Logistics, one of the fastest growing fourth party logistics (4PL) providers in North America, today announced their enhancements to the transportation operations of Do it Best, the only US-based, member-owned hardware, lumber, and building materials buying cooperative in the home improvement industry.

Faced with the challenges of a rapidly expanding home improvement market, Do it Best sought a robust solution to enhance real-time visibility and compliance across its vast network of carriers, aiming to replace outdated manual processes with a streamlined, automated system. Redwood tackled the challenge head-on by implementing a new transportation management system (TMS) for Do it Best to optimize their daily operations significantly.

“The transformation we’ve seen in our transportation operations is nothing short of revolutionary,” said Brad Weems, Inbound Operations Manager at Do it Best. “Redwood approached Do it Best’s tough transportation challenges with a comprehensive solution that addressed our specific pain points. They delivered a unique combination of hands-on transportation management experience and technology expertise that answered all our needs. Today we’re able to continuously optimize our transportation operations for cost, service, speed, accuracy, efficiency, asset utilization, and other metrics.”

The implementation of the new TMS has enabled Do it Best to automate critical processes, drastically reducing manual effort and associated costs while simultaneously boosting efficiency and accuracy. Routing, which previously relied on cumbersome emails and phone calls, has been transformed into an automated, digital process, significantly cutting down the time required to route shipments. Furthermore, the shift from managing freight payment via tens of thousands of paper invoices annually to an automated system utilizing electronic data interchange (EDI) has accelerated payment times and reduced errors, leading to significant cost savings.

“Redwood has completely revolutionized the way Do it Best approaches inbound transportation challenges, fundamentally altering the competitive landscape in their favor,” added Eric Rempel, Chief Innovation Officer, Redwood. “The transformative nature of our collaboration with Do it Best, extends our philosophy that supply chain orchestration and supply chain execution requires more than being a vendor, it requires us to establish ourselves as a true partner.”

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