States Where People Are the Most Delinquent on Debt – WalletHub Study

American households have around $17.7 trillion in debt, and the personal-finance website WalletHub today released its new report on the States Where People Are the Most Delinquent on Debt to show where people are at the biggest risk of credit score damage and other negative consequences.

To highlight the places where people are having the most trouble paying their debts, WalletHub analyzed proprietary user data from Q1 2024 for each of the 50 states. In our ranking, we considered both the percentage of individual tradelines that were delinquent and the percentage of residents’ total loan balances that were delinquent.

Most Delinquent Least Delinquent
1. Mississippi 41. Illinois
2. Louisiana 42. Wisconsin
3. Alabama 43. Idaho
4. Arkansas 44. Massachusetts
5. West Virginia 45. Utah
6. Oklahoma 46. Montana
7. Delaware 47. Colorado
8. South Carolina 48. Hawaii
9. Kentucky 49. Washington
10. Texas 50. Iowa