Alida Biosciences Raises $7.5M Series A

Alida Biosciences, a San Diego, CA-based innovator in epigenomic research tools, raised $7.5m in Series A funding.

The round was led by Genoa Ventures with participation from FusionX Ventures and Vertical Venture Partners.

The company intends to use the funds to further enhance its product development, as well as to bring the EpiPlex kit to markets.

Led by Dr. Gudrun Stengel, CEO, AlidaBio specializes in epigenomic research by commercializing accessible tools that broaden the application of epitranscriptomics in life sciences. Its products empower researchers to concurrently analyze multiple RNA modifications with relative quantification, using RNA inputs suitable for clinically relevant samples and supported by user-friendly bioinformatics.

The EpiPlex kit is particularly suited for profiling multiple RNA modifications in clinical research samples where RNA input is limited.

Additionally, AlidaBio launched two products: the EpiPlex™ RNA Library Prep Kit and the EpiScout™ Analysis Suite, which provide a comprehensive solution for multiplexed epitranscriptomic analysis of input-limited clinical research RNA samples, offering sensitivity and accuracy.

EpiPlex RNA Library Prep Kit is designed to revolutionize epitranscriptomic research by enabling unprecedented multiplexed detection of RNA modifications. This kit integrates a streamlined assay workflow with an intuitive bioinformatics platform, facilitating high-sensitivity analysis of RNA modifications. The epitranscriptome, consisting of a diverse array of naturally occurring RNA modifications, plays a crucial role in regulating RNA biology, including RNA-protein interactions, splicing, three-dimensional RNA structure, transcript stability, intracellular trafficking, and translation.

EpiScout Analysis Suite complements the EpiPlex kit by providing an intuitive bioinformatics platform for analyzing and visualizing complex epitranscriptomic data. This suite streamlines data interpretation and offers powerful tools for researchers to explore the multifaceted landscape of RNA modifications and multiomic integration of data sets.