Finding Fun At Johnny’s Hideaway Is Great, But Losing Your Keys Is Not

Atlanta’s Legendary Nightspot Puts on a Party Every Night, and Sometimes Things Get Left Behind
Getting lost in nostalgia is what Johnny’s Hideaway is all about. Johnny’s Hideaway is all about losing your mind as the first pulsing notes of your favorite ‘70s disco hit begin to echo across the nightclub. Johnny’s Hideaway is all about losing your inhibitions and cutting loose on the dance floor with friends and strangers.

But losing your stuff? That is simply a bummer. Fortunately, Johnny’s Hideaway is as well versed in taking care of lost property as it is in taking care of its guests. Johnny’s staff carefully stores anything left behind at the night’s end, and people are welcome to return during business hours to pick up forgotten items. Johnny’s opens at 11 a.m. Monday through Friday, and at noon on Saturday and Sunday. Johnny’s closes at 3 a.m. every night except Sunday when the music stops at midnight.

Johnny’s Hideaway has been serving up “dancing, dining, and cocktails” in Buckhead for 45 years, and it has had more than a few unusual things left behind. Among the more interesting items, staff members found a single shoe, a pair of leggings, dentures, wedding rings, and a passport, and one woman once returned to retrieve her pants. Given that discretion is the better part of valor, when pressed to share more about the story of the pants episode, Johnny’s representative only offered, “ A woman walks into the bar. The woman leaves her pants. A woman comes back and picks up pants.”

Perhaps the single most common item guests leave behind is a credit card. Other routinely left items include jackets, phones, sunglasses, hats, and jewelry. In the case of credit cards, the cardholder must come back and present identification to retrieve the card. Otherwise, guests can send friends to pick up items, but that individual must be able to describe the lost items accurately.

Johnny’s holds all items that are left behind for 120 days. After that, credit cards are destroyed, and any personal items are donated to Goodwill. If clients want to confirm whether an item was left, they can call Johnny’s main number, 404-233-8026. For guests who visit Johnny’s from out of town and cannot come back to collect their belongings, Johnny’s can arrange shipping.

About Johnny’s Hideaway
Johnny’s Hideaway is located at 3771 Roswell Road NE, in Atlanta, and is open until 3 a.m. Monday through Saturday and until midnight on Sunday. For updates on the restaurant and upcoming events, follow Johnny’s Hideaway on Instagram and Facebook. For additional information, call 404-233-8026 or visit