Park-n-Rail Traffic Solutions, Receives 4 U.S. Patents to Fix Traffic Congestion Using Existing Subway Systems

Solution Not Only Takes Millions of Cars Off Our Roadways, But Begins Reducing Global Warming

Park-n-Rail, a patented, innovative parking garage design, introduces a solution to curb traffic congestion for urban centers throughout the United States and globally.

Park-n-Rail, which holds four U.S. Patents, is a cutting-edge parking garage designed to swiftly park a minimum of 20,000 cars under one roof and efficiently transport commuters to their destination on current subway systems. The uniqueness comes from the absence of internal ramps that all other garages need to get from one level to the next. Instead, Park-n-Rail uses an exterior roadway that rises on the outside of the oval shaped garage. As the road rises, commuters exit into the parking level where their reserved parking space is located.

Park-n-Rail, which has an extremely small footprint, is uniquely designed for cities that have an existing subway system. There are currently 210 major cities around the world with subways. Fifteen are in the United States while 44 cities that fit these criteria are in China.

Park-n-Rail garages are designed to be built on top of interstates. Using Washington, D.C. as an example, a Park-n-Rail garage could be built at the intersection of I-270 and I-370 in Gaithersburg, Maryland. This intersection has approximately 60 acres of land and would be an ideal location for a garage and final Red Line stop on the Washington D.C. metro system. Another could be constructed at the intersection of I-95 and the new ICC, MD 200 where there is approximately 60 acres of available land.

“Park-n-Rail represents a transformative and groundbreaking solution poised to alleviate traffic congestion and reduce environmental impact in cities like Washington D.C.,” says Nino Vaghi, Founder and CEO of Park-n-Rail. “As our cities throughout the country continue to grow, removing cars off roadways and quickly putting commuters onto public transportation will need to be adopted to keep our cities alive and bustling with activity.”

Five carefully placed facilities around the D.C. region could collectively park over 130,000 cars during rush hour, slashing fuel consumption by around 480,000 gallons daily, including gas saved by traffic now flowing at normal speeds. This reduction in fuel usage could save up to 125 million gallons annually, equivalent to reducing over 12,000 large gas tanker deliveries to gas stations.

Proposed funding for Park-n-Rail would come from Tax Exempt Municipal Bonds. These bonds would be covered through standard parking and subway fares. Ultimately, commuters who utilize Park-n-Rail have the potential to save $5.00 per day, or $1,200 per year, with savings in gas and parking expenses at their final destination.

Continues Vaghi, “Park-n-Rail will be the turning point on how we begin to solve our traffic problems around the world in a cost-effective way while simultaneously removing greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming.”

About Park-N-Rail Traffic Solutions
Park-n-Rail is a newly patented designed parking garage that is capable of parking large number of cars over a short period of time and quickly transporting commuters to their final destination by using a subway system. For example, in the Washington D.C. area, five Park-n-Rail garages combined would park between 130,000 to 195,000 automobiles each working day. These number of cars will not only be removed from our roadways in the morning rush hour but the same number in the afternoon rush hour, now totaling 260,000 to 390,000 cars per working day. For more information about this innovate design or to view a video, please visit: